Top 5 Internal Communication Solutions

Every business needs good internal communication software and tools for better cohesion among the staff. Lack of proper communication and lucidity can hurt every business prospects. It is therefore essential to remove any roadblocks that may affect the progressive growth of the business. Internal communication solutions for business come in handy in providing partnership and employee work related and communication solutions.

Besides the mostly used social tools like Facebook, Twitter and other social medias, there are effective internal communication solutions that change the way employees in every business interact and work. Five of these solutions for internal communication in office are as follows.

1. ezTalks Meetings

This is one of the best internal communication solutions used today in businesses for better communication and online collaboration among the employees. ezTalks Meetings is a flexible solution that can easily and freely connect well up to 100 employees from different terminals in one place and have high-definition video communication. The solution is especially good for online meetings, remote trainings and video conferences.

Some of the best highlights of ezTalks Meetings are:

• Deliver HD video and audio.
• Support easy screen sharing and whiteboard sharing.
• Allow to chat with participants in privately or publicly.
• Record the video for later reference.

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2. HipChat

Another internal communication solution for business is a chat tool that makes online collaboration and communication among workers easy. HipChat enables employees and employers to chat freely without any interruptions. The solution eliminates all silos in the business to allow for functional communication.

The main features of HipChat are:

• HipChat allows for the centralization of information. Employees and employers remain in constant communication allowing for quicker decisions and faster business progressions.
• With HipChat, you can easily communicate with all your workers on a single platform. This saves a lot of time and it accelerates the workflow in the business.
• HipChat is very flexible and easy to control. It comes with many features that make it both fun and innovative.

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3. Slack

Slack is another flexible internal communication solution that helps you to keep up with what is going on in the business. It allows you to stay informed without the necessity of attending every in-house meeting. With Slack, there is a searchable archive of all the employees decisions made, conversations and work in progress that is easily retrievable.

The key features of Slack are:

• Every employee can see what every other employee is doing at any given time, making it one of the most transparent software. This also goes for remote communication, especially if your company have branches elsewhere.
• Slack does not only connect the employees, but also connects the tools and the systems in place at the business for better communication.
• Installation of Slack is easy and inexpensive.

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4. Communifire

Communifire is a three-way intranet internal communication solution that fuels the employees, allowing them to execute their daily chores without many hiccups. It connects leaders to teams, teams to leaders and teams to each other. Every content in the workplace is easy to navigate if it is not private. All you need is a simple navigation of whatever you are looking for and you will find it. Retrieval of Everything from blog posts, videos, photos, work in progress and any other type of work is easy.

Some of the best features of Communifire are:

• The solution is very fast and very user friendly. Anyone can use Communifire without too much hassle.
• By using Communifire, connecting all your employees at one go is easy and swift. You can communicate to workers from branches all over the globe to get all the information you need without leaving your desk.
• Communifire connects everyone in the organization. It becomes easier to get all the personnel details required, closes any loopholes there might be in the running of the business and gets work done faster.

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5. Trello

Trello is one of the web-based internal communication solutions that allows collaboration among workers by posting their tasks, so other members can easily view them. It allows easy editing of every information posted. Everything is visual and it gives real time updates on everything taking place in the business.

With Trello, you can have an email free running business and still get every message across to as many workers as possible. It uses boards and power ups that can easily be connected to other online communication software and tools to make faster communication.

Benefits derived from using Trello are:

• Trello is flexible and user friendly and can be connected to mobile phones and your browser. This means you can use it even when you are offline.
• With Trello, you will never miss a deadline because it is easy to set dates and calendar views.
• You can get all the information you need at once and connect to as many people as you wish at one go.
• Trello is affordable to install and maintain.

solutions for internal communication in office

Wrap Up

The above internal communication solutions have helped many businesses to harness their power of social interaction between employees and employers, and increase the productivity along the way. They all keep the staff members engaged and interaction between employers and employees, no matter the distance or time zones easy. There is no greater way to forge better rapport and increase the fluidity and transparency of any business than using internal communication solutions.