6 Web Video Conferencing Software: 2017 Recommendations

Web conferencing software allows online communication via seminars,video meetings,and audio meetings by using chat,remote control,recording and screen sharing. Such applications are fixed to allow international or long-distance communication,improve collaboration and decrease travel costs. There are many web conferencing software,and now we are going to discuss 6 great web video conferencing software below.

1. ezTalks Meetings

The tool is a great web based video conference software that lets you connect with individuals online anytime and anywhere. It is capable of hosting limitless HD video meeting of about 100 people in every meeting for free. The main features including:Chat/Message. It has both messaging and chatting enabled and therefore,you can say whatever you want to your members.Record and playback ability. You can record,archive and replay your video sessions effectively.Travel management. You can manage your travel schedules by setting the expected travel days,time,weeks or even months of the year using this tool.Application sharing. You can share your files such as PDF,PowerPoint and so forth using this tool.Interactive whiteboard. It has a white board that enables you to see all the activities that you are doing.

2. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is a web based video conferencing software that is capable of offering its services free of charge making it a handy tool for small businesses that do not have money for the paid tools. The key features of AnyMeeting:

Sign-up. You have to sign-up to access AnyMeeting’s website using your email address,time zone,name and password that you give. After giving that information and confirming your email address,you are set to start your initial online meeting.

Screen sharing. When using screen sharing,you can either opt to share it fully or share one application which is operating on your PC.

Status update. The status update allows you to say if you are okay,have a query,desire for you or the presenters to slow down or speed up,or say if you or they disagree or agree with what is being lamented.

Chats. You can chat publicly or privately or it can be merely between presenters.

3. Mikogo

Mikogo is great web video conference software which is free. It enables 10 participants to meet at a time. Mikogo's main features:

Voice & video conferencing. It has high-quality video,VolP and teleconferencing numbers from more than 28 nations making it an ideal tool for you.

Multi-user Whiteboard. The Whiteboard enables you to picture your best ideas in real-time. It has a new annotation tool that allows you to highlight your presentation and maintain your members on point with a button’s click.

Session Recording. It lets you record you VolP and screen call,then replays your meeting using the Session Player or change it to video.

File transfer. Mikogo web conferencing tool does not limit you in sending various email attachments. It allows you to send your participants files amounting to 200MBs.

4. BuddyMeeting

BuddyMeeting is a web conferencing software that allows a maximum meeting of 25 individuals at one time. Its key features include:

Whiteboard. The whiteboard allows you to see what you are presently doing. It also enables you to communicate with all the other members effectively.

Chats. The chat enhances your online experience as you are capable of talking to your members one-on-one in seconds. It allows you to make and receive key announcements with your team.

Slide Sharing. BuddyMeeting enables you to share files and information in either PowerPoint or PDF.

Screen sharing. It is possible for you to meet 25 meet people all on a single screen and discuss your things effortlessly.

Flash. It utilizes flash and therefore downloads are unnecessary provided you possess the Flash player in your PC. It is a no cost plugin.

5. InterCall

Intercall web video conferencing software is the leading provider of conferencing on earth. Its online meeting mix web,video and audio conferencing into a single incorporated solution. The main features of it:

Recording and playback ability. It is feasible to record and rewind your sessions with this best web video conferencing software the way you want.

On-demand webcasting. Intercall has an on-demand webcasting built on it specifically for you.

Video streaming. The video streaming feature makes it be your best web video conferencing software choice as you can watch your videos fast and without difficulties.

Two-way audio & video. It comes with mutual audio and video features for you to choose your preferred mode.

6. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting web based video conference software enables organizations of whichever size,from an individual firm to international enterprises to video conference. It is mostly used for training sessions and recruitment processes. Its incredible features:

Private Text chat. Its private text chat enables attendees not to read the messages of each other if demanded. The feature is also controllable and configurable between attendees.

Simple interface. It is super easy to use its interface and integrate it into a website.

Application sharing. It lets participants download files,for example,presentations,and brochures among others in the interface of the web conference easily.

Recording and playback. It is able to archive and record and also replay presentations appropriately.

Bottom Line

Web conferencing software enables individuals to communicate and share files wherever they are on earth without involving traveling. The software comes with unique features that ease use. If you want to communicate with many people without involving traveling,choose one of the software we have discussed above.