Five Best Screen Sharing Software for Easy Collaboration

Screen sharing is made to achieve easy video conferencing. The screen sharing softwares have been developed by using windows desktop sharing. Screen sharing generally entails shared access to any given computer screen and the screen sharing software has various methods to allow different multiples to share a screen remotely. Similarly,the screen sharing software has a graphical terminal emulator which aids its work. This graphical terminal emulator allows the second user to see that which the first user is doing.

The best screen sharing software for easy collaboration is basically remote access software which allows you to view a computer on another computer. They include the following;

•ezTalks Meetings

It is ranked one of the best screen sharing software used in video conferencing. It is loaded with features which include a free version of screen sharing. For the meetings which need its members to interact and also collaborate,this type of screen sharing software is ideal. Similarly,this top screen sharing software allows you to selectively share your screen with other users of your choice.

Free Screen Sharing Software

Free for up to 100 Viewers

Clear and Fluent Screen Sharing

Whiteboard and Co-annotation

Group Video/Audio/IM Chat

Remote Control and Record


Another distinct feature of this screen sharing software is a whiteboard tool which you can use to graphically sketch during online meetings. The main advantage of ezTalks Meetings software is its efficiency and convenience. In cases here you want to do some other things,this screen sharing software gives you the option of muting your participants and also unmute them.

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This is another one of the best screen sharing software which has the ability to create remote easy screen share freely. For personal purposes,the software is free while it is paid for any commercial purposes. It is easy to use and installation is also easily done. Normally it is done by setting up personal connection between two desktops enabling you to use it in meet mode.


It has gained popularity since its creation. Among the best screen sharing software,this has been rated outstanding. Its sharing features are easy to comprehend. When you want to share screen,especially during a call,you only click the button of share screen on your computer. You can download it therefore,it is easily accessible. Skype has made it possible to share information between friends,family and even work colleagues.


This other top screen sharing software is normally beneficial in online meetings and collaborations. Like Skype,its features are also easy to understand and use. enables you to call more than 10 people at the same time. This is due to its components such as free basic plan. When you cannot connect with your members, has options for you to document your meeting.


The feature in this screen sharing application is its browser based tool. This tool has been used to conduct online meetings making MIKOGO one of the best screens sharing application. Some of its other features are high quality VOIP service,access to keyboard and mouse by the users,ability to switch screen sharing from one person to another,option to schedule your sessions and also to document your meetings.


The best screen sharing software has seen a lot of transformation in the communication and technology sector. Despite geographical barriers,people are able to hold meetings,share information and connect as families and friends by easy screen share. Time and other excessive costs are prevented such as travelling costs and other telephone charges. Instant messaging has been made easy with introduction of screen sharing software. You only need to welcome another user and disseminate information. Screen sharing software is available online and you can download it to have a glimpse on its benefits. If you want to know how to use screen sharing in video conferencing,you can check here to know more.