What Is Remote Support?

Remote support is a good way by which to expand a repair business that is specialized in computers. It will not replace a physical computer repair work,but will expand both the service area and current work of a business.

What Is Remote Support?

Remote support definition is a type of secure service,which permits representatives to help end-users to solve computer problems remotely. This can be done either by displaying the steps to take through screen sharing or the alternative that involves taking control of desktops to perform tasks remotely. Most times,remote support is utilized in conjunction with a phone support.It is a way by which a technician diagnoses a problem,experiments with a few possible steps to provide a solution to the problem and verifies the solution that has been implemented. Remote support always takes place through the Internet. This means that the technician does not leave his workstation and neither does the computer that is malfunctioning. A desktop sharing software is what is used to feed the remote support trouble-shooter with rapid-fire screenshots from the screen of the problematic computer. Similarly,mouse clicks and keystrokes are captured by the remote support trouble-shooter and sent via the Internet to a distant machine belonging to the technician.

Remote Support Benefits

Now that you know what remote support is. You might be still various about why remote support is widely used by many organizations. Here we list out are the main benefits of remote support.

• Efficiency

This is one of the most notable remote support benefits. This is because it minimizes the time that would have been used on travel to see a client,thus getting more work done and at a faster rate. The only downtime associated with remote support is connecting with remote support software online.

• Cost Effective

Remote support eliminates wear and tear to vehicles and usage of gas,and decreases probability of accidents. A lower probability of accidents translates to insurance rates that are relatively cheaper. Other ways by which it is cost effective include the following:

i. Taking lunch at home.

ii. Reduced budget on clothing.

• Green

Remote support does not involve driving and this positively contributes to the serious issue of greenhouse gas. The overall result is a greener overall footprint whose benefits cannot be overlooked.

• Multi-tasking

This is a worthwhile benefit for those who keep asking why remote support. It allows one to successfully juggle several jobs. This means that a technician will have numerous billable hours taken care of within a relatively short time.

• After Hours

Remote supports facilitates working after hours. This is mostly applicable to situations like Windows updates particularly on servers. It is the ideal solution for instances where clients have a problem but lack the time for the technician to work on the particular problem.

• Work from Home

Incorporating remote support to a repair business is the simplest way of allowing the work-from-home model to work for you.

• Fast Response

Remote support allows technicians to deal with customers that demand an immediate turnaround or with failing machines. This means that it is a good way to quickly resolve issues,a fact that will be greatly appreciated by clients.

• Controlled Environment

It is difficult for a technician to control variables on site that affect his/her work efficiency. Remote support allows technicians to work without clients getting in their way because they are in a controlled environment.

• Less Intrusive

There are clients who do not like seeing technicians around and there are also clients who technicians do not like being around,remote support solves both situations. In fact,most clients appreciate it when their technology is restored to full functionality without the technician being intrusive.

The benefits listed above are just but a few as there are many more advantages that remote support has that cannot be ignored.


The above insightful information about the remote support definition and remote support advantages clearly shows how important and beneficial they are. However,it should be noted that not all jobs can be successfully handled remotely. Nonetheless,remote support should be provided when there is a choice as it simplifies work in many ways. It is beneficial to both the employees,customers and the business.