5 Tips for an Amazing Sales Presentation

A sales presentation is a combination of your strategies to influence your buyers with your best service or quality products. Then which sales presentation ideas can contribute to the success of your business? Here are 5 tips for you to make an amazing sales presentation.

1. Understand the challenges

You cannot prosper without understanding challenges and demands of your buyers. You need to understand your product or service,your buyers,and what you should do to present your products in the best possible manner. Thus,remember to communicate with your customers and get to know their challenges before you make the presentation. If you know the challenges,it will be much easier for you to find out the right solut­ion and make your audience have the interest to listen to you.

2. Sales presentation software

This will be a very important factor you need to consider. A good sales presentation software can make communication easy and hassle-free and make your sales process smoother. You will find many online sales presentation tools including Google Hangouts,Skye and ezTalks,etc. Among these,ezTalks is considered a very good tool for making a successful sales presentation.

ezTalks provide very high quality of audio and video conferencing experience. Besides,you will have a lot of improved feature like screensharing,private and group chat,meeting schedule,record and playback,and interactive whiteboard.

You can invite any person without an account for the sales presentation. And customers can join the presentation via web browser. With ezTalks,you can record the presentation and can review it later for self-improvement or your staff training. At the end of the presentation,you can ask for the feedback. You can say that the sales presentation will be much easier and more effective if use ezTalks presentation tool.

You will have both the paid and free versions. For example,if you have a startup company,you can go with the free version. You will be allowed to start a meeting with up to 100 participants without any fee that you cannot expect from some other collaboration tools. If you go with the paid version,you can start a presentation with 500 participants.

3. Design an awesome PowerPoint

Prepare an awesome PowerPoint presentation based on the classic rules:

1) Select a creative and simple PPT template,which makes your presentation more attractive;

2) Use the color suitable for your company VI and try to make use of the contrast color and beautiful flat color;

3) Use good fonts and make your word big and bold;

4) Use less texts but more inspiring pictures and powerful infographics

4. Make the points clear and short

Make it brief and clear. If you take long,then your audience will start losing the interests. You should prepare the key points with a logical presentation structure and then you need to present them quickly. After presenting your opinion,you should allow other participants to share their views. For this,you will understand more about the challenges,demands of the buyers,and what content you may explain more to make them think that they can get their desired profits. As mentioned earlier,you can also allow your prospects to intervene. That could be in the form of gesture,verbal,or facial expression.

5. Feedback

The feedback of your prospects will be best sales presentation technique. With ezTalks,you can start a survey to know the views of your customers about the product. You can ask them a few questions and make sure that you are taking the feedback seriously. With the approvals of your prospects,you can plan the best strategy and follow up with effective actions.


By following all these tips,you may prepare an amazing sales presentation. And please make sure you are ready to make full use of the online presentation tool like ezTalks,which will help you to make an amazing sales presentation to a large audience and increase the influence and effectiveness.