Why Is Staff Training Important to an Organization?

Many businesses are reluctant to engage in staff training. Most of them have very sound arguments for their reluctance. Some will say that staff training is a costly affair, which is relatively true. Others will be quick to point out that it is time consuming. Therefore, many organizations continue working with employees who have stagnated their learning journey, little realizing just how detrimental this is to the growth of their enterprises.

Staff training refers to inculcating new skills in your employees. Usually, the skills are related to the job, although staff can be trained on any number of things. The importance of staff training cannot be overemphasized. Here is what you stand to gain by making the time and finding the resources to train your employees:

The Importance of Staff Training

a,Keeps them up to date with developments

As time goes by, a lot of changes occur. Many new developments come up and the way that things are done changes. It is exceedingly important that your employees stay up to date with developments in their field of work. Failure to do so usually results in inefficiency in the way that employees do their work.

Take for instance developments in technology that have revolutionized the way that many things are done in the corporate world. Today, video- conferencing has made it extremely easy for people to hold meetings from any part of the world. Using software such as ezTalks Meetings, you can hold online conferences with unbelievable ease. The software allows you to hold meetings with up to a hundred participants at a time. Normally, the meetings can last for up to forty minutes. The image and voice quality transmitted over the software are only of high definition quality which makes it the best alternative to face to face meetings.

The software also has a number of impressive features. For one thing, you can be able to record meetings as they take place for future reference. Secondly, the program has a screen sharing feature which makes online meetings a lot more interactive. There is also a group chat feature through which you can easily communicate with your employees. You can also send files, videos and images using the software.

Suppose your employees have absolutely no idea on how to use such software. For them, meetings will always need to be physical, which is both expensive and time consuming. Secondly, it will be so much harder for them to finish projects as they cannot enjoy the convenience of using videoconferencing software. It goes without saying that this derails their efficiency a great deal, and it can be quite costly to any business.

b,Boosts employee's confidence

When employees learn new skills pertaining to their jobs, they are more likely to exude confidence in their work. This ultimately makes them happier with their jobs, which in turn makes them happy employees. The ripple effect that confidence causes is nothing if not amazing. Another reason why staff training is important is that it is a great opportunity for your staff to address any weaknesses they may have with performing their jobs. Sure, they may have been very well trained when you hired them, but there is always room for improvement. Sometimes, their skills may have become a little blunt, and a training program is all they need to sharpen them.

c,Contributes to growth

Another importance of staff training in an organization is that it leads to growth of the organization. This happens because well trained employees are more likely to offer great services to customers, which leads to immense customer satisfaction. The better they are at their job, the more delighted customers will be to choose your business over your competitors. Moreover, well trained staff are less likely to commit mistakes when dealing with customers, which provides for a pleasant experience with the customers.

d,Helps retain employees

Another answer to the question: why is staff training important? Is that it leads to better relations between an employer and the employees. When the staff is good at what they do, there is little room for conflict between employers and employees. Secondly, employers are not likely to fire efficient and confident employees. This is beneficial in the sense that employers do not need to spend a lot of time recruiting new employees every now and then, which can be quite an uphill task.


To answer the question, why is staff training important to an organization, would be something of an impossible chore. Staff training is indispensable to any institution that aspires to grow. It might seem like a costly and time consuming affair, but it is one that is very rewarding. If you are yet to incorporate staff training into your schedule, then you are missing out on a lot of great benefits. Don't be reluctant to train your staff periodically. It might be all you need to transform your organization.