5 Must-Know Video Conference Apps for Your Team

Whether you're working with remote workers or coordinating with clients even on the other side of the planet,some reliable and easy-to-use video conference apps can help you a lot. If you are one member of a fully remote team,video conferencing services enables you to hold or join team meetings,share ideas,and check in on each other.

No matter where you are,you can host or join video meetings with your teams by using an app for video conferencing as long as you have a smartphone connected with network. Here are five known video conference apps for your teams recommended in the article that let you make a video call whenever you want and wherever you are.

1. ooVoo

2. Zoom

3. ezTalks Meetings

4. BlueJeans

5. GoToMeeting

1. ooVoo

ooVoo provides free and high-quality video chat,messaging,and voice calls so you can stay connected with the people whenever you want. ooVoo allows you to join or host free video conferencing with up to 12 users. What makes ooVoo so popular is that it links contacts from Facebook and your phone. You can log into this popular app for video conferencing calls by using your Facebook account and then have video calls with your Facebook friends. ooVoo also includes some additional features,such as sharing files and recording a conference with full-screen chats,talking via text in real-time. All of these features make ooVoo become an ease-to-use and primary app for video conference calls. But if you want to get a professional video conferencing experience for business,the following 4 video conference apps may be better choices.

ooVoo Price:Free

2. Zoom

The first multiple video conference app we’d like to recommend is Zoom. Zoom has rich features like HD video conferencing,screen sharing from desktop or mobile,conference recording,and the ability to choose full screen or gallery views for video streams. You can also share an interactive whiteboard,send group chats,images and audio files during meetings.

You first need to download and install its apps,and then can have a free video call with up to 50 people as long as you don't talk for more than 40 minutes. Paid plans let you chat with up to 50 people at once,plenty for all but the largest teams.

Zoom Price:

• Free for up to 50 people,up to 40 minutes per meeting;

• $14.99 /host/month(50 participants);

• $19.99 /host/month(50 participants,Minimum of 10 hosts).

3. ezTalks Meetings

Just like Zoom,ezTalks Meetings is also one of the best group video conference apps. You only need to download and install the multiple video conference app on your mobile devices,then you can easily take advantage of the app to host or join group meetings with your teams. Various kinds of features of ezTalks Meetings give you a stable and fluent video conferencing experience,which includes: meeting recording,file sharing,screen sharing,remote control,interactive whiteboard,chatting via text,meeting scheduling,and so on.

Its free trial allows up to 100 participants to join a meeting at the same time as long as you don't talk for more than 40 minutes. You can also purshase one of the several paid versions to get more features and permissions.

ezTalks Meetings Price:

• Free for up to 100 participants(40-minute limitation on group meetings);

• $12.99 /host/month(50 participants);

• $49.99 /host/month(100 participants);

• $99.99 /host/month(200 participants);

• $149.99 /host/month(300 participants);

• $249.99 /host/month(500 participants).

4. BlueJeans

BlueJeans makes business-quality video conferencing easy,accessible and affordable. With the video conference app,you can host or join video conferences from anywhere. BlueJeans helps businesses of all sizes have collaborative,productive and engaging meetings without the hassle or expense of dedicated hardware.

You can sign up to get a 14-day free trial of the app for video conferencing. Its Enterprise pricing isn't public,so you'll need to contact its team once your trial is over.

BlueJeans Price:

• 14-day free trial for unlimimted features;

• $19.95 for up to 50 attendees;

• Contact for Enterprise pricing.

5. GoToMeeting

As one of the top video conferencing apps,GoToMeeting lets you meet with your team or broadcast a webinar to thousands of viewers. You can use GoToMeeting app to join calls,share your screen,and present to audiences. Some cool features are also included,like call recording,dial-in number,group chat,interactive whiteboarding,and so on. The feature of translating control settings make GoToMeeting a convenient option for global teams. It’s easy to change presenters for meetings with multiple hosts.

GoToMeeting Price:

• 14-day free trial for unlimimted features;

• $19 /host/month(10 participants);

• $29 /host/month(50 participants);

• $49 /host/month(100 participants).