5 Free Video Conferencing Software Reviews

According to free video conferencing reviews,Microsoft’s Skype,Apple's FaceTime and Google's hangout etc. were the first to make video conferencing free. In the business world too,Skype used to be ubiquitous on many desktops. But in a competitive market,there is always place for products offering better quality and more features.

Imagine a software enabling video conferencing free,yet providing all the qualities mentioned above! Though it may sound unbelievable,free video conferencing software reviews prove exactly that! Yes,the best can still come for free!

There are numerous video conferencing software flooding the market. Many of them bear a price tag while there are equally or more efficient ones which are available for free! This is where free video conferencing software reviews become pertinent.

Let's take a look at the top 5 free video conferencing software reviews.

1. Skype

It is from the Microsoft. Trusted by millions around the world,Skype is still used by individuals for socializing and to some extent in the business world too. Skype is mentioned in many of the free video conferencing reviews and free video conferencing software reviews.


• Compatible with Windows,macOS,iOS and Android;

• Reliable;

• Secure as all conversations are encrypted;

• For video conferencing involving up to 250 participants,only the host needs to purchase Skype Business version;

• Skype for business functions well with Microsoft Office;

• Allows file sharing;

• Allows screen sharing.


• Group call feature possible only with Skype for Business. Even though it is priced affordably,it still costs money;

• Synchronization issues often occur when the communication is between desktop and mobile application clients;

• Deployment process is complicated;

• Lack of audio clarity and video issues are quite common even with Skype for Business;

• Does not allow video conferencing free a lot. Free video calls limited to 100 hours per month and not more than 10 hours a day.;

• Call drops are frequent.

Verdict - there is scope for plenty of improvement. On a personal note,the call drops and poor audio quality are irksome and keep away people from using Skype.

2. ezTalks Meetings

It is a really cool software that offers numerous features. It is rapidly gaining popularity as suggested by free video conferencing software reviews.


• Compatible with Windows,iOS,Android;

• HD video conferencing facilities.;

• Free video conferencing software;

• Starter package offers hosting of 100 participants,unlimited number of meetings with a 40-minute duration limit on group meetings;

• Allows screen sharing;

• File sharing is possible;

• There is interactive whiteboard sharing;

• Recording and scheduling of meeting possible;

• Remote communication through customization makes it suitable for webinars,education,interviews,training,remote customer service and more;

• Flexible and scalable;

• ezTalks Meetings offers an attractive video conferencing free service with 100 participants for 40 minutes per time;

• Efficient support that responds within 24-48 hours.


• There is no MP4 format.

Verdict- splendid software that performs exceedingly well. On a personal note,the customer-care is par excellence!

3. WebEx

It is an impressive video conferencing software,from Cisco WebEx. It claims of some unique features that improve preparation and follow-up of meetings. The focus is on team collaboration that makes it special.


• Compatible with Windows,Android;

• Allows screen sharing;

• Secure login;

• Tools for creating profiles;

• Personalized video conferencing possible;

• Flexible;

• Scales well with increasing demands;

• Recording possible;

• Facility to upload presented files;

• Private messaging possible.


• Free version allows only 2 people;

• Multiple users assent the cost;

• Getting started and login are cumbersome.

Verdict- Most of the free video conferencing reviews and free video conferencing software reviews were appreciative of WebEx,though they uniformly feel there are better products.

4. Join.me

It is a cloud-based application. It has many core features that are quite appealing. It provides easy access to desktop sharing. It is best suited for ad hoc meetings. It does not require any complex installation or special training to use and easily integrates with all contact management and email systems.


• Compatible with Windows,Android;

• Meeting scheduling and recording possible;

• Presenter swap possible;

• Being encrypted,offers excellent security;

• Works well with HipChat,Trello etc;

• Screen sharing possibly;

• Has file transfer facility;

• No need to install apps or plugins;

• Trial option available with 10 other people before opting for premium.


• Suited mainly for only small businesses;

• No keyboard for non-English languages.

Verdict- Majority of the free video conferencing software reviews praised it as user-friendly,fast and reliable.

5. Zoom

It is an excellent video conferencing software,well recommended by free video conferencing software reviews. It boasts of several functionalities that are well-structured and broad.


• Compatible with Windows,Mac,Android;

• Quick and easy to install;

• File sharing with up to 50 participants possible for a duration of 40 minutes;

• Screen sharing facility is present and what's more,the host can choose whether to share entire screen or only selected applications;

• Intuitive user-interface;

• Good security;

• Good customer-care support;

• User management;

• Interactive whiteboard sharing;

• Offers video conferencing free;

• HD video conferencing.


• No automatic updates;

• Some services cannot be disabled;

• No support for calls outside the zoom network.

Verdict- fantastic software,performs well. Customer support could be better.

The 5 free video conferencing software reviews are quite honest in their opinion. Many of these are seconded by free video conferencing reviews as well. It is quite evident that for video conferencing involving medium to large groups,ezTalks Meetings will be the ideal option. With outstanding features and ample customer-care support to boot,it is definitely worth trying.