Steps of Using Online Video Conferencing to Enhance Crisis Management

When it comes to conferencing,our mind would picture an image that shows various video systems installed in a physical conference room,where hosts and participants come together according to the scheduled time,just like company monthly meetings or seminars. Obviously,latecomers would miss this kind of conferencing if they are stuck in a heavy traffic or a snowstorm.

The previous traditional conferencing systems were not that convenient,because we could arrange our time to adapt it,but otherwise isn't contrary. Technology is developing,and the emergence of online video conferencing has already changed our conferencing routines and plays an important role in business collaboration.

Online video conferencing is more flexible and user friendly,so we could use it to cope with unplanned and unexpected situations. We have compiled a list of steps you can take to build a complete solutions to deal with sorts of emergency cases through the web video conferencing:

Step 1. Think about how many rooms you need

The online conference room is much easier to create than booking a physical conference room. You also have to think about it carefully according to your needs,otherwise everything would be in a mess.Different meetings in different rooms,so you should give your room a proper name,and meeting participants also could find it easily,such as “Team of ezTalks Onion”.If your meeting is hold every once in a while,you should better give your room a fixed name. If your room is for a temporary use,you can change the name in keeping with the conference’s purposes and topics.

Step 2. Give every room a detailed introduction

If you have created a number of rooms for backup in case of crisis management situations,you should tag a simple introduction to each room,stating when to attend the meeting and who have the access to the room.

If you still worry that someone may neglect to notice the instructions,you can send emails to them,and tell them how to join the meeting if they use their browser,tablets or mobile devices.

Step 3. Decide how many participants you want to invite

When you finished creating an online conference room,everyone has access to this room in theory. But you know in school every class have its limited seats for students,similarly,every online conference room has its own size. You can use free conference room for 100 participants,or buy more access for more participants.

As the resource is limited,you should clearly think about how many people you want to invite,and whether you should set up a new room or not.

One benefit of modern online video conferencing compared with older ones is that you can join a meeting wherever you are,and whatever devices you are using. You can join a meeting by clicking the invite link on your browser,or inputting the code when using your smartphone. So you’ll never be afraid of being late for a meeting again.

Step 4. Test your equipment and be familiar with the conferencing software

In case of any crisis happens during a meeting,you’d better run a dummy meeting to test your system and make sure everything is OK. You have to check whether your severe network is stable,and test every functions of the video conferencing tool you are using. So that you can host a meeting successfully.