5 Benefits of Interactive Teaching

Interactive activities are considered as a fundamental part of social and emotional learning,and this explains why learning is intrinsically defined as an interactive and social process. In the recent past,teaching,and for that matter,learning,has been taking place passively in a traditional classroom where learners listen to the lecture from their tutors. During such sessions,students were required to take notes,memorize equations,and many forms of passive learning. Teachers were supposed to be physically present in the classroom with reams of worksheets and dusty chalks,which most tutors found to be a health hazard!

However,with that advent of the computer and its related technologies in the 21st century,interactive learning was introduced in many teaching environments where learners are indeed invited to be part of the learning process utilizing dedicated online learning programs. The recent type of teaching has provided a host of opportunities for tutors to come up with engaging and fun lessons,using a myriad of interactive teaching tools. One of the solutions that shaped up learning industry is the ezTalks Meetings,which provides a more robust learning experience besides offering a myriad of benefits. That notwithstanding,interactive teaching presents a bunch of advantages,which include the following:

5 Main Benefits of Interactive Teaching

Structuring lessons has become lot easier

From tutor point of view,interactive teaching has seen the introduction and ultimate use of whiteboards. With these tools,an instructor can easily plan and formulate for the lesson beforehand. Besides that,the program allows them to schedule for particular learning tasks,hence making it easier to deliver what you have on the lesson plan. If you are teaching junior students or those in primary schools,you will appreciate the benefits of interactive learning coming in handy by the fact that programs allow learners to understand how to handle naming tasks quite easily since images and other graphics are well displayed on the whiteboard.

Enjoyable,fun,and engaging

Since the introduction of interactive technology,experts in the teaching field has noted a significant increase in the level of motivation and engagement in the classroom,and this is one of the advantages of interactive teaching. Some of the latest technologies used in the interactive learning environment allow teachers to gamify their lessons,bring the element of competition in learning,and more importantly,bringing the aspect of achievement tiers into the learning process. Additionally,the broad array of free apps and tools currently available gives learners the ability to design all kinds of digital content allowing their imagination to be limited only by the sky! In this light,interactive learning technology gives learners the freedom and choice to decide on how they are going to present their work,leading to fun,enjoyable,and engaging learning process.

Interactive learning gathers for students with disabilities

In most cases,learners with disabilities or those who required special needs have taught in their own classroom,perhaps with the help of an exceptional tutor. One of the interactive teaching benefits is that it gathers the teaching needs for all. While some students can learn better with audio,others are good in visual learning; interactive teaching proves to be significant if teachers include images,text,video,and audio in their presentation. It,therefore means that learners with hearing challenges benefit from the visual presentation while those who cannot see can learn about a given topic using audio performance. By and large,interactive teaching ensures that learning needs for every learn are sufficiently met.

Saves significantly on education costs and time

As stated in the introductory section,gone are days when a teacher has to travel for long distance to impact knowledge to his/her students in a traditional classroom. Nowadays,with the introductory of interactive learning online tools,you can teach a class anytime from anywhere,which saves travel time. Secondly,in a traditional classroom,many teaching materials such as erasers,markers,blackboards (which are to be painted each year),and dusty chalks have to be bought quite often. However,interactive teaching has brought cost saving benefits. This is because,with interactive learning,you just need to have an interactive whiteboard,internet connection,and of course,a dedicated software. That is all!

Brings flexibility and convenience in learning

Last but not the least; interactive teaching brings the aspect of flexibility and convenience in a learning environment. Nowadays,the use of video conferencing solution that offers seamless interactive learning sessions is on the rise,and this explains why many learning institutions are adopting e-learning options. That implies learners can attend teaching session anytime from anywhere around the globe. As earlier mentioned,some tools such as ezTalks Meetings provide a robust platform that facilitates real-time interactive learning with not one,but with several learners. The program comes with pre-installed interactive whiteboards where tutors share notes as well as other learning resources. Additionally, learners can easily find tutors near me through online platforms, enhancing accessibility to educational support.


The advantages of interactive teaching are so many that any learning facility cannot afford to overlook and ignore. The benefits are in twofold,on the side of students as well as from teacher's point of view. Apart from bringing in the aspect of flexibility and convenience in learning,interactive teaching increases student-teacher engagement thus boosting student’s performance in the end. More importantly,this type of teaching allows learners not only to learn by interacting but also to develop positive feelings about achieving knowledge and innovate skills.