3 Different Types of Video Conferencing for Business

As more and more people in business experienced the benefits of video conferencing and its technology has evolved,video conferencing has become much more mainstream. There are quite a few diverse video conferencing types in the market. It is necessary to learn different types of video conferencing before selecting a right video conferencing system for your business. Here we’ll list three common types of video conferencing systems for you.

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1. Telepresence Video Conferencing System

One of common tele video conferencing systems is telepresence videoconferencing. According to the explanation from Wikipedia,telepresence refers to a series of technologies which allow one to feel as if they were present,or to give the appearance of being present at a physically remote location. A popular application is found in telepresence videoconferencing.

By making use of the telephone and network connections,telepresence is used to simulate a live video conference among people in different places around the world. Large monitors or television screens are placed over conference table or mounted along the wall,and cameras are positioned at eye level. Therefore,it seems as if all the participants were sitting in the same conference room and around the same table. Some even use holographic and 3D images to make the meeting as realistic as possible. Telepresence is an expensive video conferencing but provides you with a high-quality video conference and immersive experience.

2. Room-based Video Conferencing System

Another common video conferencing system would be room-based video conferencing. It is a kind of software-based conference room video conferencing. It consists of video conferencing endpoints,MCU (multiple control unit) and Internet connection. Before the conference,you need to equip your meeting room perfectly according to the space of the room and the number of participants. After fully deployed your meeting room with video conferencing equipment,you can easily have a virtual video meeting with your colleagues,customers,partners and suppliers anytime anywhere. The powerful room-based video conferencing system will let you host high quality calls in an effortless manner.

3. Desktop Video Conferencing System

Desktop video conferencing has become popular,simply owing to its ease of use. Just by downloading and installing a video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings,you can quickly host an online conference on your desktop computer. Before the meeting,make sure you have a reliable network bandwidth and your computer is well equipped with a webcam,a microphone and a loudspeaker.

Apart from desktop computer,you can also start or join a video conference on your laptop,smartphone,iPad and other mobile devices. It will be much simpler and more convenient,because all these devices have built-in cameras,microphones and speakers. Also,you can have a video call with others no matter where you are. Desktop video conferencing is regarded as the most affordable one in comparison to the other two video conferencing systems.

The above are just three common types of video conferencing technology for business and actually it must be far more beyond these. Each video conferencing has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course,you can also select a hybrid one,such as an overlap between telepresence and room-based video conferencing. No matter which one you choose,it will be the best video conferencing as long as it meets all your business requirements.