2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends — North American E-learning Market

In our previous article,we have already discussed about European E-learning market,and in this article,we will continue with out tour,let’s go to the next stop: 2014-2016 E-learning Market Trends — North America E-learning Market.

North America is the most mature market for E-Learning in the world. In 2011,the U.S.A. spent more on Self-Paced

E-Learning than anywhere else in the world.

According to a new report by Ambient Insight called,“The North America Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis”,the North American market for online learning products will grow to $27.2 billion by 2016,up from the $21.9 billion reached in 2011.

“North America is the most mature market in the world with a modest growth rate of 4.4%,” reports Chief Research Officer,Sam S. Adkins. “While the growth rate may seem low compared to the other regions in the world,the revenues are very high. Additionally,growth rates are much higher in specific buying segments. For example,the growth rates in the Canadian and US healthcare segments are 16.8% and 12.8%,respectively.”

The entire education industry in the U.S. is growing extremely rapidly,and the predictions concerning market growth are encouragingly positive. However,the market is not without its challenges. For example,according to various sources,the K-12 and post-secondary sectors in the U.S. make high demands of suppliers.

“2013 taught us that the outcome of any learning initiative,whether blended,classroom-based,or fully online must

contribute to the Organization’s KPIs and decision processes. As a result,designated learning technologies,such as Docebo,must become part of a larger spectrum of systems — also referred to as an ecosystem — and be able to integrate seamlessly with different IT legacy systems including ERPs,CRMs,HRIS,SIS,Video conferencing software tools and more. For the adopters,these integrations need to be simple and as much ‘plug-and-play’ as possible.

“Thanks to the greater technological maturity trend in 2013 in the learning technologies sector,a boost in the usage rate of videos among our customer base was also evident. Ultimately,this is also consistent with the idea that learning processes need to leverage humanization,and reduce the amount of flat and impersonal PPT decks.

“Currently,we’re seeing that a great number of North American Organizations are adopting learning technologies that aren’t limited to internal training purposes. Both channel and external clients’ training initiatives are,nowadays,a must-do”

“In 2011,North America accounted for 61.7% of the total worldwide eLearning market,” comments CEO Tyson Greer. “Ambient Insight has been compiling country-by-country data on the expenditures on learning technology across seven regions of the globe since 2004. We now have a breathtaking view of the global industry. Our new series of eLearning reports has country profiles and revenue forecasts for 77 countries across the planet.”

“The growth rate for cloud-based authoring tools and learning platforms in North America is 9.0%,which is more than twice the growth rate for all products combined,and the highest growth rate of all products in North America,” adds Adkins. “There is a surge in demand for cloud-based authoring tools and platforms not only in North America but in all seven of the regions we monitor.”