10 Video Conferencing Interview Questions and Answers

With the advancements of video conferencing technology,potential employers can conduct interviews for anyone in remote locations. This help save a lot of travel expense and the interviews are just as effective as a face-to-face ones. It is always best to come prepared for a meeting with a potential employer,making sure to have sound and quality video conferencing equipment. Also,avoid any kind of distractions and appear in as professional as one normally dresses for an interview.

Ten Possible Video Conferencing Interview Questions And Answers

1. Tell Me about YourselfThe opening one of video conferencing interview questions for most interviews which does not imply that the interviewer wants to hear everything including the life history of the interviewed candidate. The best option for the candidate to make a good first impression with this question is to provide a suitable answer in two or three sentences that portray the user with the necessary skills for the position. If the interviewer has more questions and requires more details about the candidate,the candidate can give answers and examples to imply that he is the best one for the job position.2. What Experience Do You Have in This Field?This gives the candidate the opportunity to expand on his resume or curriculum vitae and explain in detail about his specific skill set,along with the kind of work done in previous companies that would match the current position. Any irrelevant details that do not fall into the particular field can be avoided since it would only waste the interviewers time and opinion of you.3. What Challenges Are You Looking For in This Position?This video conference interview question can have a wide range of answers and candidates can describe how their skills and experiences can be polished and enhanced by the challenges provided by the job profile. Make sure do the homework regarding the position being offered about the requirements and even ideas on taking the company forward in the particular field. Interviewers are always more impressed by intelligent questions instead of being blatantly arrogant about ones skills.4. Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?This is one of the trickiest videoconferencing interview questions since it divulges the candidates intentions about their stay and working for the company depending on the answer. The right answer for such a question would be to describe oneself in a higher position in the company and how one can use his skills and learning abilities to get to that position. Interviewers do not take lightly to candidates who do not have any ambition or have given no thoughts to their future. All the answers provided to this question needs to be tailored to the company and the position being applied for.5. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?Another challenging question of video conferencing interview that could make or break an interview is informing the interviewer about a key weakness that could put the candidate in an unfavourable position. However,making it seem like the candidate has no weakness would also be an outright lie. In such cases,the best response would be to provide a trivial weakness which would not affect the work or productivity of the person if they get selected for the company.6. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?This is a good opportunity for the candidate to let the interviewer know that he is well versed with the working of the company and can list the many reasons and services that make it the ideal company for him. Interviewers are also impressed if candidates have suggestions that prove that they could take a step forward in making decisions and have leadership qualities.7. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?Most interviewers do not take lightly to candidates who have a record of shifting multiple companies in a short span. It proves that the candidate is not loyal towards the ideals and working of the company and is rejected on the spot. However,candidates can get around this question by stating that they want a more challenging position to improve their skills or a chance to work abroad. Both of these reasons are quite acceptable provided the person hasn't moved around between a lot of companies. Also,bad mouthing the previous team manager would not sit well with the interviewer. Always highlight their positive traits and if asked to explain why you left,let interviewers know that you were looking for a change and that the current profile of the company is the perfect culture to work for.8. Why Should We Hire You?Another question about video conference interview that allows the candidate to open up is about his skill set in detail and explanation about the traits that make him suited to the organization's working and culture. The candidate must be well versed in the company's workings,their products and services offered in ordered to justify himself as being right for the position.9. What Is the Salary Expectation?This is quite a loaded question that can be a deal breaker if not given some thought. The candidate shouldn't be too quick to reply. On the contrary,candidate can ask the interviewer about the estimated salary or the range of salaries being provided for such a position. If not,the candidate can tell the interviewer that the salary depends on the details of the job.10. Do You Have Any Questions?Most of the candidates usually don't have any questions to ask so this is one question that can set you apart from the crowd. Asking relevant questions about the job profile,the services of the company or any development programs greatly increase the favour. However,questions related to salary,work location,benefits and compensation can also put the candidate in the negative favour.Video conferencing interview isn't face-to-face doesn't mean that candidates can neglect their personal appearances. First impressions also contribute a great deal to the opinion formed by the interviewer and has little possibility of changing during the interview. In addition,make sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer and find a quiet place to settle down before attending the interview. The surroundings also provide an insight into the kind of person being interviewed. Thus,the candicates should fully prepare for a video conferencing interview regarding the candidates' skills,the job profiles and the organizations. The candidates must be completely focused on forming the best first impression and carrying it till the end of the interview.