What Is A Virtual Meeting?

Businesses are going digital with the current advancement in technology. One of the ways they are doing this is through digital marketing. Most enterprises are trying to do away with in-person events as much as possible. Most of the work is done online. For instance,marketing itself is done through social media where entrepreneurs meet their potential and prospective customers. And most of the items are also sold online by uploading pictures and videos. And now,business people are taking it a notch higher by incorporating virtual meetings widely in their operations.

What Is Virtual Meeting?

Virtual meeting definition is when people around the world use video,text,and audio to link up irrespective of their physical location. Virtual meetings are designed to replace in-person meetings,so that one does not have to travel to the actual location where the meeting is being held. Instead,you can attend it from wherever you are. This is possible through the technology of video teleconference (VTC) software,such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting,Google Hangouts,Skype and Adobe Connect among others. Virtual meetings are trend-setting in most enterprises. There're many reasons explain why they are used in most organizations today.

Why Should Enterprises Use Virtual Meetings?

Now,you have know the virtual meeting meaning. Then,why should enterprises use virtual meetings? Other than simply being the trend setters in business today,enterprises should use virtual meetings due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:

• Convenient

Virtual meetings bring a lot of convenience to enterprises. This is not only because it saves the organization the hassle of using real-time devices such as projectors and paper presentations,but also you can have all hands meetings,even when others are running other errands elsewhere,such as business trips or those working from home. Furthermore,events like training sessions and interviews can be conducted in the same manner without moving from one place to another.

• Reduce expenses

In-person meetings mean hotels,meals,airfares,rental cars and more to make it happen,which is costly at the end of the day. With virtual meetings,an enterprise will not have to spend on such items since you do not have to come together physically. The meeting can still take place with everyone just where they are. What’s more,one can be able to attend more than one meeting each day without having to travel. Similarly,if you have to acquire a new office building and just need to have a preview,you can also do this without traveling. In this way,virtual meetings are definitely productive and help boost the business of an enterprise using them.

How to Start Virtual Meetings?

The part above defines virtual meetings. You might want to know how to conduct a virtual meeting. In order to get the best out of the virtual meeting,you need to select a professional video-teleconference software. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the right solution for you. This is not only because it gives you the chance to hold large free virtual video meetings,but also due to its unmatched features that will give you exceptional performance.

What are the main features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting?

1. HD Video and Audio

ezTalks Cloud Meeting makes you feel like you are having a face-to-face meeting through the HD videos and audios. This feature enables you to get nothing but productive and interactive sessions regardless of distance.

2. Whiteboarding and Screen Sharing

This feature gives the room for discussions and sharing. There is a screen sharing and an online whiteboard tool that enable to share ideas and proposals freely.

3. Cross Platform

ezTalks Cloud Meeting does well on iOS,Mac,Windows and Android devices and computer,allowing to make video collaborations anywhere and anytime.

4. Useful Recording And Playback

This allows to save content for future references for training or online learning. Additionally,users can save content for playback later to pick on missed details or for reinforcement purposes.

5. Unlimited Number of Meetings

Other than allowing up to 100 participants to be involved at the same time,ezTalks Cloud Meeting also gives an infinite number of meetings,making it possible to have as many meetings as the organization can have.

How Does Virtual Meeting Work with ezTalks Cloud Meeting?

Step 1. Go to ezTalks download center to download and install the latest version of ezTalks Cloud Meeting on your smartphone or computer. If you're a Windows user,just click on the download button.

Step 2. Open and click on the Sign Up button on the lower right corner of the App. A pop-up page will display where you will fill in the details,including your email address to sign up for free. You will receive an email thereafter,which you will navigate to your mailbox to activate your ezTalks account.

Step 3. Get your speaker and microphone ready to begin virtual meeting. Log in to ezTalks Cloud Meeting and click the Start Meeting button to begin. You can invite other people to attend the meeting by clicking the "Invite" button. A pop-up page will display,put their email addresses and click Invite. Similarly,you can share the room ID at the upper left corner to let people join the meeting. You can hold a meeting of up to 100 participants totally free.


This is how much technology has given us. Everything can be done from the comfort of your room,including meetings. Thanks to the virtual meeting technology which makes it possible for you to attend meetings and several conferences all in one day without having to travel. Virtual meetings save time,money,and above all boosting productivity in the organization. This is convenient and also enhances performance in an enterprise. Virtual meetings are more valuable than the face-to-face meetings,consider incorporating one to your enterprise today and discover the benefits!