How Does Online Collaboration Work

Online collaboration is an online interaction of a group of people with a different location at the same time. Nowadays the world is connected with the internet thus enabling people from different countries work together even without being physically together. Recent technologies like smart phones that are connected to the internet have made it easier for the online collaboration to be possible. With these new technologies the world is indeed becoming a global village. People can now work together on word processor documents, brainstorming, and power point presentations among others at different parts of the world.

Online collaboration leads to the following benefits:

• Critical and important decision can be made by people with different localities; 

• Work is done well without results compromising;

• Group work reduces chances of errors as people exchange ideas.

How Does Online Collaborations Work?

The online collaboration tools contain many advanced features that can help a group in sharing their contents, files, documents and images. The percipients in different localities then log in using any internet enabled devices. The system allows them to see and go through any document that are posted by the colleagues any time. People with a different location comes together with a common agenda and forms a collaboration group from where they will carry out their activities. The group is then made with a login security code to ensure that only the legal members can access it .These programs have all been made possible by internet connections and various service providers .When people log into the accounts they can see what is happening in that platform. They can see each other for the case of video conferencing or hear each other for the case of audio conferencing .They are allowed to comment and speak each at a time in a an organized manner. One person leads the meeting and takes in charge of the meeting to different stages.

Various Tools for Online Collaboration Group Work:

Gant chart

This is a calendar based project. This tool is used when in need to meet a specific time deadline. They are mainly used for project with a specified time schedule. It is also used in project management products that chart and is the most popular tool.

Kanban chart

This tool is used in projects that are in critical stages or projects that need to be completed at the same time. It is used also in projects that need to be completed at a certain stage before the next phase.

To-do list

It is used in projects that have clear tasks. This tool is used in companies with very straightforward instructions .This tool post the things you are required to be done.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is a free program that allows video conferencing up to a hundred people. This program also allows screen and white board share on computers and mobile phones .it is a critical tool as it provides high definition video conferencing and many meetings. Irrespective of the device being used a person can access video and audio conference call from a Mac, PC, android device or iOS. Meeting organizers can choose to use whole screens or choose to just show a specific app depending on strength of the screen or application sharing features. This is one of the pioneers of modern video technology. It offers first rate video that is quality and acceptable. It has a wireless screen sharing experience across all operating systems. A person can connect to anyone at anytime without missing meetings using ezTalks Cloud installed in his or her device. Thre is no doubt that EzTalks is one of the best tools to use for the perfect online collaboration.

Why it is preferred?

• It is easy to join and work with as the program has a little to ask with only one click.

• The HD video conferencing provides very high video graphics up to 720p-1080p.

• Files or screen sharing shares files with other attendees.

• It has a public and a private chat where members can chat.

• It has a remote control which offers support to other attendees when need be.


With online collaboration the world has become a better place as people can work from different localities and still meet their job expectations. Many other forms of online collaborations are still being invented. Indeed world has become a global village.