Top 5 Online Presentation Tools

Presentations are required in almost every business nowadays. Whether it's to introduce a new topic or to convince your audience with new ideas, you have to create an attractive, convincing presentation in order to impress your audience and have their attention towards you during the show. It's doubtless that a good presentation tool is indispensable.

Then what could be your helper to create high quality presentations as there're so many available online? Considering those traditional tools that require you to install on PC and don't support sharing presentations online, people begin to search for more useful and practical presentation tools online. Below are the 5 top online presentation tools for your reference.

1. Empressr

Empressr is completely free and offers a lot of useful options in an easy way. Empressr allows you to upload your own images, audio and videos to create your own media library for gathering your own assets and storing online for easy access if you need them later. This media library is comfortable to manage as it comes with search and keyword functions as well as filter, drag and drop.


But nothing is perfect and it's worth mentioning that Empressr, despite all its wonderful features, has a couple of downsides—firstly, presentations created cannot be exported and secondly, it comes with no themes or templates and with very limited effects.

2. Google Docs

The great thing about Google Docs is how simple it is. If you need a tool to import your presentation and keep it online for easy access, Google Docs is the one for you. It enables you to make a new one from scratch with the ability to add Youtube videos in an extremely easy way. However, simple also means basic. Just keep in mind that the options to customize presentations are very limited.

google docs

3. Prezi

Prezi is one of the most popular and commonly used online presentation tools due to its ability to create eye-catching and attractive presentations. It comes with a free basic subscription and you can go premium if you wish to unlock more of its premium features. Most importantly, it allows you to import any kind of media-images, audio or videos.


The disadvantages are the limited exporting options (you can only export in flash format) and the weird editing options ('tool cluster' that can be a little fiddly if you aren't used to it).

4. SlideRocket

This presentation tool is perfect if you're looking for full customization options and you still have access to many templates and effects even if using the basic subscription. In addition, you can add any kind of media you want easily. And the best thing is you can import and export files without any limitations set.


SlideRocket can be used for free for the most part but some features require a premium subscription.

5. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is similar to Google Docs, with large flexibility towards the importing and exporting functions but very limited media options. Zoho Show allows you to add images easily but videos can't be added except through an HTML code.

zoho show

The only advantage it has over Google Docs, perhaps, is that it has a small library of themes and layouts to use as templates.

That's all for the top 5 online presentation tools, but it's not the end of the article. It's worth mentioning that doing things online is getting more and more popular because of easy access, huge convenience, etc. and there's no exception to the way to conduct your well-prepared presentation. ezTalks allows you to share presentations not only during the online meeting but beforehand without losing any quality.

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