How to Make Free Online Calling

Free online calling platforms provide users with an opportunity to talk with anyone in any part of the world for free just by using an app or a web brouser with no additional plug-ins. Most of the platforms are well-developed and can be made using the internet. A number of free internet phone programs enable you make online phone calls for free just like normal day to day phone calls. This article aims to offer recommendations for our audience to make free online calling and let’s check the different forms firstly.

1. Computer to phone programs- Enable users to make free calls from a PC to an actual telephone over the internet.

2. Computer to computer internet calling- Users make phone calls from one PC to another.

3. Application to application- The calls can only be made if the caller and the recipient all have the app installed on their gadgets.

4. App to phone programs- Users make free internet calls from a phone to an actual number. The calls can be made to any number inclusive of landlines and phones that don’t have the app.

To make the above free online phone calls, you have to download software, whether free or paid version and here we have listed the best 5 to our audience. Just try and compare to see which one is best suitable for you!

1. ezTalks

ezTalks is a platform which offers conferencing services in HD video and voice calls. A service called ezTalks Meetings enables to make free online phone calls, including both video and audio calls. In the starter plan, users can make free online calling with up to 100 participants and more number of participants if you pick the professional plan. Except for that, ezTalks have the following features:

 - HD video and audio

- Unlimited number of meetings

- Group video chats and private chats

- Screen sharing to your friends or teams

- Interactive whiteboard with co-annotation

- Scheduled or instants calling or meetings

Cross platforms including windows, iOS, Android and Mac

It does not only act as the online calling service, but also as the professional tools for your meetings, conference, remote support, online learning and webinars. The Starter plan has all the functions mentioned and you can try it for free without expiry time.

2. Whatsapp

Watsapp is a popular app owned by Facebook and used for texting, sharing pictures and videos. Calls can also be made from the application using internet connection. The user is required to confirm their phone numbers to initiate the process. From there you can start a new conversation and are able to see which of your contacts have the app installed on their phones. You can also make calls freely no matter the location of the recipient.

The app doesn’t allow users to make calls to contacts that lack the app. The app allows sending of videos, photos and contacts of other users. Whatsapp can be installed on iPhone, Blackberry, android, Windows phone and Nokia.

3. Google Voice

Google Voice allows users to make free phone calls to phone numbers, computer to computer and computer to phones using the internet. It gives users an opportunity to manage contacts on their phones and routes calls to a phone number provided freely by Google voice to any other phone that you have. Besides, Google Voice provides SMS, voicemail services and conferencing at no cost.

However the free calls must be only to contacts in the United States and free calls are limited only for three hours. However free calls can be made to the same number repeatedly.

4. Viber

App to app and computer to computer calls are available with the use of Viber. It works with a wide range of devices considering that it can be installed in iOS and Androids. Viber software is also installed on PCs to make calls to other PCs or mobile phones. It shows who on your contact list is a Viber user and from there you can make the free internet calls. It also enables users to send SMSs and videos to any other gadget where it has been installed.

5. VoipBuster

VoipBuster bring free voice communication of high quality. By use of the free VoipBuster software users can call normal phones in various destinations free of charge or call at very low rate to any contact elsewhere. Calls can also be made limitless from PC to PC for freely online.

These platforms enable users to call freely to any phone number with use of the internet. Most of them require app download and installation to your gadgets before you can use them. Because of the costs associated some of them have limits to the number of calls a user can make in one day while others are limitless. Try them and tell us which one best suits for you and your organisations.