Tips on How to Make the Best Online Presentation

PowerPoint software offered by Microsoft is a complete presentation program. The software allows users to create, edit and display elegant electronic presentations of slides. With PowerPoint, users can use texts, vector images, illustrations, graphs, and tables to effectively walk their audience through the presentation. The program offers a wide array of options to make presentations that are appealing to the audience and easy to integrate. When used poorly, however, PowerPoint presentation can achieve the opposite. Badly designed slides with bad graphics or lots of text can distract or irritate the audience. Below, we have rounded up several ways to make best online presentation.

Think about Your Audience

Before you make presentation online, think about your audience. What is your target audience? How can you make online presentation interesting? What do they know about the topic? What do they expect from you? What will grab their attention? What can you tell them? Simply answer these questions and you will realize your goals sooner than you think. If you lose your audience's attention, everything will go down the drain no matter how elegant your design was or how brilliantly you chose your colors and themes.

Keep the Design Simple

A second best way to host presentation online is to keep the design simple. It will not distract your audience. For a neat and clean presentation, it is ideal to only have limited pictures. Also, be sure to avoid too much writing in a single template. Otherwise it will appear too crowded and straining to the eyes. While it is fine to vary the content presentation, you need to be consistent with other elements like font, colors, and background. Decorate scarcely but beautifully. Also, be sure to restrict the room that your design takes up and don't let the design limit the message you are trying to communicate.

Choose Easy-to-read Fonts

The text should be easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing or else it will distract and annoy your audience. Go for large fonts and theme colors. The best colors and fonts can vary based upon the setting of your presentation. If you are presenting in a large room, be sure to make your text larger so your audience in the back can comfortably read it. If you are presenting with lights on, use dark text for visibility. If you are unsure which set of colors match best, you can use ColorBlender to get a set of matching colors.

Limit the Use of Animations

There is nothing so annoying as to have letters interrupt you when you are busy listening to a presentation. Being flooded with complex animations and slide transitions can be irritating and frustrating. Before you include effects like these in your presentation, ask yourself whether the presentation would be distractive to the audience or delay the information you are trying to pass through. If the answer to this question is yes, it is in your best interest to leave out the effect.

Use Good Quality Images

A picture can say a thousand words. For this reason, you need to add images. Be sure to use quality images that will reinforce and complement the message you are trying to pass. Make sure that the images you are planning to use maintain their resolution when projected on big screens. If you do not have your own images, you can browse images on Google. But if you are making a public and official presentation, keep copyrights in mind.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Another way to make the best online presentation is to practice your presentation before you present it to your audience. A well-prepared talk will help you maintain your audience's attention. There are a few important points that define a great presentation. A good presenter must speak freely and confidently. Also, a good presenter must keep eye contact with his/her audience. If you are not sure whether or not you are doing things right, practice with someone that has never seen your presentation before. Ask them for their honest opinion regarding colors, text, and any images you have included.

There you have it! Tips on how to make best presentation online. No matter the subject, PowerPoint presentation can assist you communicate a message to your audience. However, you need to realize that poorly made presentations can spell a disaster. The key to success is to ensure that your presentation grabs the attention of your audience. Also if you want to know some free online presentation software, you can click here to know more.