Choosing Online Education Platform: Which One Is Better

The digital industry is growing fast offering wide options to the businesses to earn money and to reach the global people within a couple of minutes. This is not limited to the businesses, game, health care activities, technologies, yoga, data collection, and many more alternatives only; it also offers many opportunities to the young aspirants to pursue the desired education at an affordable price at the comfort of home. 

The emergence of online education platform has made it possible for the young generation to pursue studies in different fields without visiting the institutions. Many developed software is being used to promote online courses. You can use video conferencing software -ezTalks Meetings for the online education. It offers video chat, discussion, and conferencing with multiple attendees at a time. It can be a good online video platform for education.

The best thing about the online education platform is that it offers multiple options. You will find different options including paid online education platform and free online education platform. You can choose any of the platforms depending on your preferred course and budget. If you are looking for free online education platform, you can consider platforms like RCampus, Odijoo, and Peer 2 Peer University.

What Is the Best Online Education Platform?

Different types of the online education platforms are available in the current condition. To find the best online education platform, you need to do an extensive research on your desired subject and then you will have to choose an online education software platform that has a good success rate in this industry. Your field will be the determining factor. If you are interested in technology then you will have to focus on the platforms that offer education on the technologies.

Followings are the details of the five online education platforms. You can go through them to know which one can offer you the best education and can help you to succeed in your career.

1. Moodle

Moodle is a popular name in this industry. It has entered into this industry in 2003. Since then, it has gathered much appreciation from the educationalist and students all over the world. Moodle is an open-source free platform founded on the famous social constructionist theory. It offers many developed features like you can use the software in different ways and large network support. It focuses more on the discussions, forums, and wikis. Moodle is more popular for the developed technologies and software. Currently, it has more than 45, 000 learning communities in 205 countries that can speak above eighty languages. Moodle offered educations are highly customizable.

2. Blackboard

The blackboard works as the best promoter of different types of the educational technology. On this platform, you will find six divisions. These six divisions are Collaborate, Analytic, Transact, Learn, Mobile, and Connect. Each of these divisions follows a unique approach to foster e-learning. Instead of focusing on traditional classroom teaching, it inspires the students to participate in the forums and online tests. Blackboard is more popular for the discussions and online tests. Moreover, it facilitates the communication with the educational communities through the social networking sites. It emphasizes on all the possible methods to make the education more convenient, helpful and progressing.

3. Coursera

Coursera is considered more reliable as it has developed the partnership with the leading universities of the USA and across the globe to offer suitable online courses that cover different subjects. Recently, it has added some specializations. That means you will be allowed to choose from ten different courses and you will get the certification from the associated universities for that course. Moreover, it offers wide subjects to choose from. You can choose anything like technical courses, data science, and even musical theory. All the courses will be easily accessible to every student. The best thing is that many of the courses will be either free or will charge a minimal amount. But if you are looking for an official certification, then you will have to pay a big amount at the end.

4. Udacity

Udacity is known as the best online education platform for the technology. If you are interested in technology, then this platform will be an ideal option for you as its prime focus is on the technology and technical developments. It offers a limited number of well-crafted courses like data science. It is not a free platform. You will have to make monthly payments for this online course. If you want to stop taking education from this platform, then you will not be asked to make the payments for the entire course. You will have to pay till your continuation.

5. Udemy

Udemy is another popular name in the online education industry. It offers more than 13, 000 courses worldwide. It has around two million students. These educational courses are customizable. It allows the instructors to design the classes with the PowerPoint files, documents, video lectures, screencast video, text, audio files, and mashup voices. The courses are very professional. It gives complete freedom to the instructor to design the courses. It offers both free and paid courses.

Which One is the Best?

All the above-mentioned online education platforms have created a special recognition for their well-designed courses, easy accessibility, multiple options, and developed technologies. Even some platforms like the Moodle are appreciated by the Forbes for the easy–accessibility, professionalism, and multiple options. But if you are looking for the best one, then you will have to consider many factors. The most important thing will be your preference.

For example, if you are looking for an official certification and you are prepared to spend a big amount, then you can consider Coursera. For those interested in the technology and want to pursue a career in technologies, Udacity will be the right choice. This platform focuses more on the technology and offers well-designed courses for the benefits of the students.

If you are interested in the professional courses and want customizable teaching procedures then you can consider joining Udemy. It uses different tools to make the learning easy and more convenient. With a restricted budget, you can consider joining Moodle and Blackboard. Both these platforms are highly appreciated for the easy accessibility, different courses, forums, and developed software. You might not need to spend a huge amount, but the quality of the education will not be compromised.