Virtual education around the world

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and even online classes – just yesterday, all these words seemed far from our reality. Still, today these technologies are being introduced into the learning process.

Distance education as a norm of life

Every family wants to give their child a better education. Earlier, you had to move to choose a decent school, but now we have different options thanks to distance education. Online classes are available without being tied to a place of living. You can find a teacher at the other end of the country or even beyond its borders.

Distance education is developing at an incredible speed. Online learning becomes available with just one smartphone in one's hand. Applications can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store, and the learning process begins.

Gamification and virtual reality

The learning process must inevitably adapt to the growing generation, and the characteristics of today's children should be taken into account when introducing modern technologies. In many respects, distance education has overtaken the usual classroom due to the use of new approaches and interactive forms of learning in online classes.

Gamification (a game element introduced into education) can be used to make learning faster. One of the breakthroughs in this was the use of virtual reality in the learning process. In virtual reality, children stop being afraid to make a mistake and get a conditional deuce — the opportunity to start all over, pass a level, and achieve a result that is familiar to a child and, at the same time, necessary in principle in the process of learning something new. Expanding the boundaries of the usual world in augmented or virtual reality, the student can study historical events or even be a part of them! Such online classes with interactive forms of learning allow you to learn the educational material well because it is better to see it once than to hear it a hundred times.

Together with Arbuk, the learning process can be more interesting for the student and better for the teacher. All that is necessary to get started is to download the application in Google Play or AppStore and then a direct path along the path of knowledge forward with the teacher.

Modern teaching methods dictate our future and we need to master them today. Digitization of education is no longer some delusion of the future — it is already happening now.

We learn interactively with AR_Book!