Visual novel and its essence

If you take a market-based approach to the term of visual novel, you will realise that it is quite similar to a video game. Even their retail sales resemble a market of video games because they are sold in the same digital and retail stores as video games, as well as their advertising is exactly the same.

We offer you to download the Ace attorney game for Android, which will help you have fun and admire beautiful graphics. It has many similarities to visual novels. Overall, a video game is a generic term for different genres and different games that you can play on your computer. However, the visual novel remains a mysterious issue until now, and many users are surprised by some of its features. Among them is the mysterious attractiveness of any visual novel.

Essence of visual novel

In this article, we would like to describe to you the main features of visual novels as a genre in art. There is no any game mechanics that could put a visual novel on a par with video games. However, they have similar features. The most important of these are:

  • Interactivity;
  • visual effects;
  • useful tools to control the plot.

Anyway, it’s not literature either. You can make sure of it if you read articles about literature and games. The fact is that neither literature nor the video game industry has yet created a reliable environment that could say that a visual novel is its component and genre piece.

We’d like to introduce you to some of the features of visual novels. First, it’s a digital story that you can play with your computer. Second, it is a work of art that has the functions of gameplay, the main mechanics of which is the moment of decision. So, at one point or another the narration of the visual novel stops and you can see new options on the display of your computer that will help you decide in which direction you should move in this story in the future. All of this affects the plot and makes it look like a regular video game. The character of such a novel is also in the background of the story and has a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen.

Game or literature

However, we cannot say with certainty that a visual novel is a game because many visual novels use different techniques and mechanics for narration, such as a dialogue box as a tool for creating a thriller that can change when you press the button. The text that the display will show you then will help you create the so-called enjambment, which will allow the user to make progress in the narrative by clicking.

Also, visual novels have special save files as well as video games. This helps users to keep their main hubs in the storyline, which allows them to resume after a temporary pause. This tool helps users not to lose their progress in viewing the storyline of the visual novel. This helps gamers to make other decisions in the process of playing, as well as obtain other results through timely saving.

Although the visual novels are built around this particular moment of decision, their structure and basic features hint at variations in gameplay that have nothing to do with the standard game or they change it radically. In other words, visual novels are very diverse, while video games have a clear and strict classification by genre, but they also have very uncertain boundaries between genres often too.

In general, we can say that a visual novel is an adventure video game that has the features of a literary work. Anyway, we believe it is a great type of artwork that has popularity and many fans. We mean it’s not better or worse than video games, it’s just another type of art. Don’t miss an opportunity to get to know it if you haven’t already!