Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Your Huddle Room Costs

The office setup and layout has continued to undergo tremendous changes. Changes or rather trends are expected to revolutionize interactions, collaborations, meetings and daily activities that take place in the office. The end result is to enhance how the organization is to be operated. One of the major trends is the introduction of huddle conference rooms, which have brought a lot of significant benefits to users.

However, this trend does come at a cost. In fact, some organizations have failed to adopt this strategy due to insufficient funds of starting, running and maintaining huddle rooms. However, here are tricks or tips you can use to reduce your huddle room cost.

Choose the right solution

Your choice really matters. It might guarantee you success or failure. Ensure you make the best choice when it comes to huddle rooms. Definitely, the rooms need to be fitted with some advanced technology. As a result, go for an all in one technological solution. For instance, you can use ezTalks Huddle Conference Room all-in-one solutions. Not only is it reliable but also helps you keep huddle room costs at a reasonable level instead of spending money on separate components. With ezTalks you can hold web and video conferences with connected workers and other principals. It comes as a package full of every component you need to make the huddle room more cost-effective. ezTalks provides you with two options which are the Meet S and Meet Pro.

1. Meet S

Meet S is an excellent video conferencing option with hardware and software working together to make your meeting room perfect. It stops you from spending thousands on the complex traditional equipment as it integrates with a camera, microphones, speaker, codecs and dedicated software. Owing to its elaborate design, Meet S ensures anyone can quickly set it up with only three steps, although there is no on-site technical support.

huddle room solution

a) Its camera is 1080p with 120° wide-angle lens, together with the dual microphone to offer the ultra HD video and audio for your meetings. You will no longer be annoyed by the image blurring, reduced contrast, misalignment of colors or echo cancellation, noise reduction.

b) With pre-installed ezTalks software, you can control and manage your room via desktops, laptops, tablets, Macs, mobile devices and T-Voice 100. It is very convenient and flexible! The software supports whiteboard annotation, HD video conferencing, screen sharing, recording and etc.

Meet S perfect your huddle room with 1 to 6 people in a hassle-free way! Get it at $899 NOW>>

2. Meet Pro

Meet Pro also provides great video conferencing in huddle rooms. It is made up of a 4K ePTZ camera with remote control, dual microphone arrays with 5-meter pick-up range, Hi-Fi speakers with larger power, high-performance codecs and software. The all-in-one compact design assists the quick installations even for the beginners.

a) Advanced Processing Technology makes video streaming easily achieved. The 1080p video stream can be efficiently ensured while up to four 720p video streams can be easily accessed.

b) 4K sensor and wide-angle lens deliver high-quality videos with superior sharp clarity while the ePTZ control helps to deliver dynamic images without any delay. While as for the audio quality, its 4 far-field linear microphone arrays make it easy to access to the "natural" sound you hear as clear as you usually.

c) Last but not least, you can also control it in the way you want just like Meet S. It is feasible to control and manage your room anywhere you want via desktops, laptops, tablets, Macs, mobile devices and T-Voice 100.

Meet Pro will definitely facilitate you with excellent video conferencing in a huddle conference room with 1 to 12 people! Get one at $1299 NOW>>

All in all, compared to another most popular option in the past, Logitech huddle room solution, you will find the huddle room solutions provided by ezTalks are much more practical and cost-effective with alike or even better functions! Moreover, to make the money you spent worthy, those ezTalks Huddle Room solutions only cost you at a one-time fee without any further fee, and they support 1 month return or change for free and 1 year for product maintenance

Prioritize important needs

You need to prioritize the need for huddle rooms. This means you have a comprehensive understanding of the role to be played by the huddle room. For that reason, you will focus on bringing the needed components of making your huddle room more reliable. This means you have to avoid anything that will not make your huddle room effective. Avoid purchasing unnecessary furniture, and other stuff of less importance. If you want to introduce quality video conferencing, then ensure you also get value for your money. Purchase the most effective video conferencing tools. They do not break down anyhow. You will enjoy less repair and maintenance costs. Entirely, you will incur low huddle room prices.

Consult from a professional

You consult professional huddle room operators. Equally, benchmark form companies have fully integrated this solution into their offices. You will get a genuine insight into how you can set up a reliable huddle room at a lower cost. Furthermore, you get to learn on how best to operate the huddle room. You also get to learn about the best methods to employ in your huddle room to make it fully functional at a lower cost. It is up to you to follow the insight given in a religious manner. It will really help in fostering crucial unified collaborations in your company hence giving it a competitive advantage.

Reasonable huddle room size

The huddle room should be able to take care of the members available in your organization. First, establish the total number of people expected to benefit from it. Then come up with an ideal room size that can accommodate them without any problem. This solution will not only give you a sizeable huddle room but also one that is less costly to run. The huddle room is expected to serve only a handful of people. Remember, it is a place where significant videoconferences are held and critical decisions are arrived at. It is a place that you can find only top managers meeting. Therefore, do not put a lot of finances into creating a large huddle room. It will consume a lot of your time and finances. In the end, you will have unnecessary extra space in your huddle room. You can avoid that anyway.

Set a budget

In order to incur low huddle room costs, you ought to plan very well. Do not wake up one morning and establish your own huddle room. It is mandatory that you follow the due process. Shortcuts are very costly. First, determine the kind of huddle room you want to have. Determine the exact number of people it is expected to take care of. Have a precise operation cost of the huddle room. There are other additional factors you also need to consider seriously. Once you have done so, allocate enough finances that will help bring the huddle room, into existence and also run it. Planning enables the proper utilization of resources. You avoid wasting finances on unnecessary assets.


Huddle rooms have really revolutionized board and meeting rooms. They bring efficiency and proper time utilization when holding conferences and meetings. To enjoy the benefits of huddle rooms, make sure you keep the huddle room prices at a minimum level. You can use the above tips to make that a possibility.