How ezTalks Evacuates Traffic Jam

Traffic congestion has a negative impact on both the drivers and the environment. Spending hours in traffic not only wastes precious time for employees but creates delays that lead to disciplinary action at the workplace. What’s worse, the more fuel wasted due to traffic jams increases pollution and puts a strain on the vehicle. Feelings of frustration and road rage are also common for motorists who experience long periods of waiting in traffic.

traffic jam

Various solutions like widening roads and creating express lanes to applying parking restrictions and increasing road prices have been proposed for the decongestion of traffic and changes in policy have also been suggested including incentives to use public transport and the promotion of cycling as an alternative lifestyle. To some extent, they indeed alleviate the traffic. However, traffic congestion still happens and drivers have to waste time sitting in long queues.

Therefore, we need to find a more efficient and cost effective way to clear traffic as the current ones either cost too much or take a long time to implement. That’s where ezTalks solution steps in, a cost-effective, user-friendly and powerful online video conferencing platform that already has applications in various industries like healthcare and the military.

How does it work? ezTalks incorporates HD video and flawless audio into an external terminal that enables video conferencing. From here, the sky is the limit. This technology has unlimited applications and can be easily used and implemented. By placing webcams in intersections or on different portions of the road, traffic controllers can monitor and direct traffic flow. The video is transmitted in real time and there is no need for the operator to be on site, thus saving time and cutting down costs. A video operator will gather important data (valuable for knowing traffic behavior and finding out which roads need assistance) from a control centre.

Another problem with traffic congestion is that the access of emergency services can be severely impaired if an accident happens. When every second counts, having a clear road via ezTalks is essential. With a bird’s eye view on the situation, the traffic controller can efficiently direct and evacuate traffic. By seeing which roads are clear, emergency vehicles will get to their destination in no time. ezTalks relies on scalability and flexibility and tackles any job regardless of size or complexity. Furthermore, videos can be shared in real time so that others can see the feed, like police or ambulance drivers. ezTalks not only fluidizes traffic but also saves lives.

Video conferencing has been used by important business all over the world with great results. ezTalks offers a powerful platform that can be customized and applied to any industry with 24/7 technical support and remote assistance. To conclude, using ezTalks video conferencing to monitor traffic condition and clear traffic jams proves to be easier and more efficient than all current solutions!