5 Best Internet Communication Tools

Communication is important, it is necessary, and it forms a daily part of our lives. We communicate with our friends when we meet them in our classes face-to-face or through phones, and we communicate with our colleagues when we are in office. But what when the person we want to get connected with is not present with us, is a phone call the only way to communicate then? Of course not, we also can make use of the internet communication tools to stay connected. Let us now get to learn about 5 such internet tools for communication that are very popularly used everywhere.

5 Best Internet Communication Tools You Must Know

  1. Instant Messaging

IM or instant messaging is one of the most popular types of internet communication. Using an IM service you can create a type of private chat room with anyone you wish to, to communicate over the internet in real time. Usually, an IM system will let you know if your colleague or friend, who is in your contact list, is online, and then you can start a chat session. IM is used by many people worldwide to stay in touch with friends and family, and it is also popularly used in the business world. If a company chooses to use it, they can enjoy instant access to coworkers and managers present in different offices, and need not place phone calls, particularly when they need to get in touch immediately.

  1. Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing basically is a conference between two or more people present in different locations. Every participant uses a videoconferencing tool like ezTalks meetings, has speakers, microphones, and a video camera connected to their computers. When the participants speak to one another their voice is carried over the network and the others get to hear it through their speakers, and whatever image is present in front of the video camera is what others get to see on their computer screen. As already mentioned, a videoconferencing tool is used here, and the same tool needs to be used by every participant. Most people prefer using ezTalks owing to the great clarity and seamless experience it offers, and if that is what you too want to enjoy, then you know what to opt for,

  1. Internet Relay Chat

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is basically a multi-user chat system with the help of which people gather on “rooms” or “ channels” to talk privately or in groups. If you want to participate in an IRC discussion you require internet access and an IRC client. An IRC client is simply a program that runs on your PC and receives and sends messages from and to an IRC server. IRC allows you to create your own chat room wherein you can invite others to chat. You may even protect your chat room using a password to enjoy a perfectly private discussion with only those you invite.

  1. Email

Email or electronic mail is one of those internet tools for communication that everyone is aware of. It is the transmission of messages and these messages can be electronic files that you have saved on your disk or notes that you type using your keyboard. Using any email client you can compose and send a message to any person, anywhere, as long as you are aware of their email address. Generally, the email message that you will send is received within a few seconds. This is a great internet communication tool to use if you want to send the same message to many people at the same time.

  1. VoIP

VoIP is yet another internet communication tool which is very popular. VoIP software and hardware together work and use the internet to make phone calls by sending voice packet data with the help of IP instead of using the traditional PSTN. The voice traffic gets transformed into data packets which travel over the internet just like the normal data packets are transmitted. On reaching their destination these data packets are received by the recipient as voice data itself. To make VoIP calls, together with an internet connection you need a VoIP provider. Different providers will offer you different rates and plans, so you can compare at least a few before you select one. Though this may sound quite like the traditional phone call services, it is somewhat different. Yes, you will be enjoying a call quite like the usual ones, but this is far less expensive, particularly when you are making long distance calls.

These are the 5 internet based communication tools, each of them being equally popular and can be used for staying connected with your dear ones whenever you want to. At the same time, businesses too are finding these tools very helpful and use them when they need to communicate with their clients or employees located in different parts of the world.