6 Ways to Improve Your Spoken English Online

Have you ever struggled to utter a complete English sentence? Have you ever felt it the hardest thing to improve your spoken skill during English learning? More than one research shows the best way to learn English is to immerse yourself by reading, listening and speaking English as much as you can. Thankfully, there’re a great many effective ways provided by internet for you to improve spoken English online and below lists 6 ways for your reference.

learn english online

Way 1: Read English blogs and newspapers

Read the words in blogs and newspapers aloud and check the translations of any words you are unsure of. This can help to improve your sentence structure and vocabulary but is not as useful as listening to English words or having live conversations with English speakers.

English newspaper

Way 2: Listen to English radio stations

There are a huge number of English radio stations which can be streamed freely online. The rhyme and rhythm of songs makes them easy to remember and sing along to and will definitely improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. Websites like iHeart let you choose music that suits your taste. You could listen to English radio stations when you are jogging or at the gym.

Way 3: Listen to English audio books

Listening to stories read in English also improves your fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary. There are many audio books available online. Sites like Loyalbooks provide a large scale of books for you to freely download to iPod, iPad and other mobile devices while you are out walking, driving or even on the train.

Way 4: Watch English movies and television shows

Websites like Netflix allow you to stream English movies and television shows for a small monthly charge. Actually, seeing the person's mouth move as they form the words is much more useful than just listening to them. Moreover, you can pause the movie and imitate the way that actor speaks to practice your English speaking.

Way 5: Watch YouTube clips

Repetition is a very effective way to improve oral language skills and using YouTube allows you to replay short clips until you have learnt the words or phrases. There are many short English tutorials on YouTube, which can be easily found by searching terms like "improve spoken English". Many of them aim at helping you to develop basic conversation skills, making it an effective way to practice your oral English.

Way 6: Speak to native English speakers face to face

This is the most effective way to quickly improve your spoken English as live conversations with native English speakers not only allows you to ask them expressions you’re unsure of but also enables them to correct your mistake timely. ezTalks is just well-known video conferencing freeware that empowers you to practice oral English with 2 native English speakers and ensures you to make time for daily English practice regardless of geographical barrier.

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Learning English is challenging and time-consuming, but there’re still many other ways for you to improve spoken English online. Most important of all is the persistence in practicing oral English online day by day.