5 Best Online Whiteboard Software

The demand for online whiteboard software has been on a significant rise in the last few years. More project managers want to get real-time updates on what's going on where they expect to see what exactly their team's strategies and plans are. This is where online whiteboard tools now comes in. With the best online whiteboard, a manager and his/her team can interact in real time regardless of the geographical distance/time involved. Best free online whiteboards are being utilized even by students all over assisting them to conduct their group assignments and other tasks. There are so much online whiteboard software, so the question is, what is the best online whiteboard?

1. RealTime Board

RealTime Board is arguably the best online whiteboard available. You can use this whiteboard free of charge with a limited number of features or you could upgrade to their premium services for a more optimal experience. What makes this tool the best online whiteboard sharing software is the fact that it comes with extra collaborative features that surpass most challenges faced by traditional whiteboards. With RealTime Board, for instance, you get the opportunity to utilize their templates when structuring your presentation. These templates come in different shapes, sizes, and colors., Such templates are very useful in presentations as they make them not only neat and organized but also highly interactive thus encouraging everyone's participation! If you would, however, wish to start your presentation with a blank whiteboard then the feature is still there. The board features Post-it notes where any participant can write down their comments and ideas. In case you have any drawing to do then you won't need a pen. A simple hand drawing works perfectly with this board. Navigating around this board is also very simple and can be done by mouse controls or other frames. This is why the board functions so well as an infinite canvas. All the work done on the board can simply be saved as PDFs, Images or could be downloaded.

2. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks is one of the biggest online video conferencing tools. They, therefore, have vast experience when it comes to matters of online meetings and sharing of information. This is why they have come up with a superb online whiteboard featuring all the tools you will ever need for an online presentation. Their whiteboard is highly interactive ensuring that everyone takes part entirely. The board is also equipped with a post-it feature that allows any member of the team to comment about anything using a note without having to interfere with the information already on the board. ezTalks Meetings premium software can help you to have so many participants going through your whiteboard presentation and this is why they are ideal for enterprise functions. 

3. AWW App

Just like RealTime Board, the AWW App comes with two options. You can either decide to utilize their free services that have limited functions or pay to enjoy the board thoroughly. AWW App is a very intuitive and easy to use whiteboard. Before you start using the board, you will need to log in to your account first. This is a crucial feature that has helped to privatize all the work done on the board. You can invite all other participants who can take part through either a PC or smartphone as the software is compatible with both of them! The whiteboard has dotted grids which make drawing and underlining more precise and its undo option helps to easily remove mistakes. The primary challenge with this software is that the only saving options you get is snap shots and resizing the board is also a bit of a problem.

4. Web Whiteboard

Have you ever been having a conversation with your colleagues and then felt the need to express something in a quick simple drawing? If you have ever found yourself in such a situation then the Web Whiteboard is your best online whiteboard option that's free of charge! It's very easy and quick to start as you won't need log in details. Sharing its link when inviting your members is equally easy. Web Whiteboard will, however, only hold a free whiteboard for a maximum of 21 days before it disappears. If you would wish to extend this period then you can always upgrade to their other plans.

5. Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox makes online usage of whiteboards appear very simple. You require no setup whatsoever to start using the board! Every time you open the board a link is generated through which you can invite other guests to join you. It features a blank canvas broken with a grid that makes drawing and writing as accurate as possible. Its real-time feature is also very effective as all you guests can see changes on the board as soon as they happen. The whole board has primarily been made simple with the commonly used features that include an undo button, erasing, navigating, and drawing. You can also use "Copy All" to get all the information on the board into your clipboard. You can log into the board using your Facebook account, and this makes it simpler to save and share the information.