Pros and Cons of Virtual Meeting or Web Conference

Communication was always essential,when it came to a business environment. Because of that reason,managers often had to make time and money consuming trips,in order to meet their staff. Nowadays,technology granted us a big advantage and we no longer have to be physically present on a meeting,to be briefed or to interact with the others.

A videoconferencing tool is the ideal method for a proper team collaboration,allowing them to connect from any type of device. Considering the importance that stands upon such software,many managers and young entrepreneurs,wanted to know more about the effectiveness of such software. With the high interest that floats upon web virtual meeting,pros and cons of virtual meeting or web conference are a major topic,and everybody wants to understand,if this solution is suitable for their needs.

In the following,we will debate this matter and we will present the main advantages and disadvantages of a virtual meeting or web conferencing tool.

Pros of Virtual Meeting

1) Time / Money ConsumingA proper communication between a manager and its staff is crucial. In the past,a manager had to make long trips that were time and money consuming,just to meet its employees from another branch. However,there is no longer the case with a web conference tool. With such specialized tool,the manager could start a virtual meeting with the team in just a few seconds,being able to see,speak and share presentations with them. Because time is an important asset,there are some advanced web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting,which focused on the mobile connectivity as well. This way,every team member can join the conference from any place,without the need of traveling to the meeting location.2) Involvement of the Whole TeamA team meeting is effective only if every staff member attends it. However,for some reasons,there are always persons who cannot make it. Even if they've called in sick or they are working on the field,there will always be obstacles that prevent you from gathering your entire team. With an advanced videoconferencing tool,this won't be the case anymore. The fast connectivity allows any employee to join the conference,no matter their physical location. This way,they will be completely briefed and they will better understand their tasks. Also,it will be a lot easier for the manager to share some presentations,establish goals or engage the team members in some group activities.3) Allows a Better Comprehension of DetailsA face-to-face conference often includes many details,instructions or other forms of information. During the meeting,employees can always misunderstand one piece of information or simply forget it. It happens all the time and it often leads to some mistakes from them. Besides a regular video conference tool,an advanced one will provide a recording feature of the conference,allowing the team-members to review the meeting and see the things that they've missed. Also,a video conferencing service like ezTalks will provide a cloud based platform,which facilitates the sharing of presentations,graphics,and joint databases or goals assignments. This way,everybody will have a clear view over their tasks,understand the company expectations towards them and manage to be more productive.4) Increases the Confidence of Some MembersIt's already known that some team members,especially from the technical departments,aren't so good with delivering a live presentation. Even though they are true professionals,they find it really hard to express themselves,when they are being watched by a group of people. With a videoconferencing tool,all the attendants can participate from their comfort place,being able to sustain their presentations with live documents and charts. This will ensure a more effective meeting,where everybody participates in an active manner.

Cons of Virtual Meeting

1) Dependent on the Internet Connection

Any person who wants to attend a virtual meeting,must have a device (mobile or static) and an internet connection. There are some times,when a certain member is located in a poor signal area,and has a bad internet connection. In this case,the team might hear/see him with interference,and likewise. This can only be avoided by opting for a software that operates even on low quality connections. A software like ezTalks allows any participant to modify the quality of the stream,allowing him to fully interact with the others. It won't be as good as a full HD connection but at least the team can hear and see him.

2) Personal Interaction

A few managers consider that the true key of a successful meeting,is the physical interaction between all the attendants. They consider that the physical presence of the employees,will make them more engaged and active at the meeting. Even though the studies disagree,there are some managers who refuse using a videoconferencing tool,just because of that reason.


A videoconferencing/virtual meeting tool,has its particular pros and cons,like any other innovative invention. However,after putting all the things in balance,we can agree that the advantages of these tools surpass the inconveniences. A videoconferencing tool is essential for any small,medium or large company,and its benefits will be reflected in the company’s results.