The Fascinating World of Mobile Unified Communications

The world of communication is not the same it was around five or six decades ago. The computers,internet and mobile telephony in that order have given a paradigm shift as far as ways and means of communications are concerned. Technology in this area is ever changing. We will,in this article look at the world of mobile unified communications and find out how it could redefine communication and take it a new high level. However,this requires us to have some basic understanding about the question what is mobile unified communications.

What Is It All About?

It is basically a technology which is often referred to as UC. It is a process where the mobile phone platform is used to integrate various forms of communication. It could include instant messaging,voice communication including IP telephony,presence information,video conferencing,video imaging,audio conferencing and various other means. There are some unique advantages and benefits and it helps in having a single device and a single platform and even a single phone number where all the above activities can take place. It can be done irrespective of the location and all that is needed is a reliable internet connection and a quality hand held device.

What Are the Benefits?

The reason why the future of mobile UC looks quite bright is because of the inherent advantages and benefits it comes with. It is true that the entire mobile unified communications and collaboration is still in its nascent stage. But it is certainly catching up fast because of a number of reasons. First and foremost,people are looking for solutions to problems through instant communication using a single platform and a single device. This is where unified communications and mobile devices can play a big and important role. Here are some obvious advantages which are available through such means of communication:

It is cost efficient. Cost efficiency is one of the main reasons why the mobile unified communications market is set to boom in the near future. It will do away with the need for multiple devices for various forms of communication. The day is not far off when just by downloading an app on your android or other mobile devices you can communicate with almost anybody using any mode of communication.

It is highly portable. We are living in a world where change is the only constant. People are becoming highly mobile and the concept of the antiquated brick and mortar office setups is all set to get lost in the oblivion. In such situations,understanding mobile unified communications definition is becoming quite relevant today. The small handheld mobile devices or tablets will well and truly become a virtual office because the speed at which unified communications technology is moving.

It is user friendly. Any technology can be considered useful only when it is user-friendly. If we look at the recent developments in the field of mobile unified communications and collaboration,it is obvious that it is user friendly. Even those who do not have the best of computer and internet knowledge will be in a position to make good use of it. It is easy to install and plug-and-play features are perhaps one of the biggest USPs as far as this technology is concerned.

It has a host of uses. The best thing about Cisco mobile unified communications or some other service provider is that it has a number of uses. It helps a lot in seamless communication using a wide variety of integrated communication devices and platforms. It is considered to be one of the best solutions when it comes to emergency communication. Hence,apart from finding uses in trade,commerce and industry,it could be useful in disaster management situations and also in the field of remote health care and other such fields.

What Does the Future Hold?

As mentioned above,there is no doubt that mobile unified communication is still developing and evolving. It is of a recent origin. However,when one looks at the pace at which it is growing there are reasons to believe that it could be another big revolution as far as communication technology is concerned.

There is lot of common sense in using such a technology and that is the reason why big companies like ezTalks Video Conferencing are very aggressive and upbeat about it. It would be not out of place to mention here that companies like ezTalks are ready to spend big money on research and help to move UCaaS to the next higher level. These service providers are doing a great job for customers using various devices like desktops,laptops and even mobile phones. They are working quite relentlessly to move the major chunk of UC using mobile phones as the medium. Hence,this in itself augurs well for the future of this technology.


At the end of the day,the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. It is worth waiting for technology in mobile UC to evolve and move to the next higher level. There is no doubt that the best of Cisco unified communications mobile solutions will be there in a few years from now and many other companies will jump into the bandwagon.