Zoom Video Conferencing Reviews 2017

Video conferencing software has become an essential part of the communication for all types of businesses. Now businesses are incorporating video conferencing software in their communication system to make the communication easy,instant,and more effective. Many video conferencing tools like the ezTalks Meetings and Zoom are coming up with some advanced technologies to make the communication easy and productive. In this article,you will come to know about the Zoom video conferencing software.

Zoom offers different types of the plans to meet the demands of all the sizes of businesses. This software can be tailored for both the small and large corporations. With the Zoom video conferencing,you can include twenty-five participating video streams. Moreover,you can have more than ten hosts and you will be able to host up to 200 listeners and viewers.

Zoom comes with a simplified interface and HD video and audio. You can use dual or multiple screens depending on the demand of your meeting. It will enable you to view a gallery of the participant or you can consider using the main frame with smaller thumbnails. Zoom allows the users to share computer screen. It will also enable the user to record the meetings to a computer. You can also record it to the cloud. The user can also chat privately and with groups.

Do you want to know more about the Zoom video conferencing software? If yes,then you can visit the following Zoom video conferencing reviews. This review will focus both on the positive and negative sides of this video conferencing software.

Pros of Zoom Video Conferencing:

1. Innovative

With the HD video and audio,Zoom brings some innovation into the webinars and online collaboration. It has a dynamic voice detection feature. Moreover,the users will have multiple options regarding the screen. The user can use the full-screen,dual-steaming,and gallery view. If you will also have the option to join the meeting as an attendee by telephone dial -in if you are not physically present in the conference room.

2. Mobile Friendly

Zoom is mobile-friendly. You can use this software for the Android and iOS. With the Zoom software,you can virtually connect to any place with your smartphone and an internet connection. You do not need to stick to a particular place to join the meetings. Zoom makes the online collaboration convenient and easier. This can also be integrated into the Windows,Mac,Linus,Android,and iOS. It allows you screen sharing,private and group chats,and document sharing. You can also have the control of the mouse,keyboard,and the whiteboard.

3. Instant and Convenient Meeting

With the Zoom,you will have the option to start an instant meeting. You can also join the scheduled meeting. In brief,you will have the flexibility to start the meeting in your convenient time. When you will plan a meeting,you will have a Personal Meeting ID to distribute among the participants. If you are the host,you will have the facility to record the meeting. You can also mute a participant. Zoom will also enable you to create MP4 and MP4A recordings during the entire meeting. You will have the sharing feature with the best quality material.

4. Easy to Use

Zoom offers a simplified interface. Even the beginner can understand the features with a little knowledge of the technologies. With this software,you can start a video conferencing in real-time communication with your smartphone only. You do not need to physically dial-in to attend or start the meetings. With one click,you can join the meetings and can start using the features.

5. Safety

Zoom offers some developed security features to maintain the privacy of the online collaborations. The user will have own login password and user names. Besides,it will have the AES 256-bits encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This software also provides admin feature controls and role-based access control.

6. Free Version Is Available

Zooms offer a free version. With the free service,you can have unlimited sessions. But for the developed features,you will have to consider some paid plans.

Cons of Zoom Video Conferencing:

1. Meeting for A Limited Time

If you choose the free version,you will be allowed to continue a meeting for forty minutes with up to fifty participants. If you want more participants,you will have to consider a paid version.

2. Absence of Real-time Document Sharing

Zoom does not offer the real-time document sharing feature. These are a few negative points. If you go through the overall benefits,you can simply ignore these minor points. Moreover,this software has received positive reviews by most of the users. They find it more useful for the instant meeting,flexibility,mobile-friendly features,and affordable options.

Zoom video conferencing can be a good option for the small and small-large scale meeting and for the cloud video conferencing. Zoom's HD video and audio,professional display,and customizable plans can be very useful for the businesses that want to integrate online collaboration tools into their existing communication systems.