What Is Virtual Conference

With the development of advanced technology,virtual conference is increasingly used to bring people in various locations together so they can conduct business. Virtual conferences have become a more and more popular and acceptable medium to develop and reach large audiences. Businesses in various kinds of industries have realized that online virtual conferences are far cheaper than face-to-face events.

To learn more about virtual conference,here we are going to show you what is virtual conference and the main types of virtual conference.

1. What Is Virtual Conference?

2. Three Types of Virtual Conference

1. What Is Virtual Conference?

Virtual conference allows remote participants to access live onsite meetings and events from their computers even on the other side of the planet. Virtual conference is hosted entirely over the Internet; participants have no need to get together in a conference room. Through a conference website or video conferencing tools designed specifically for the virtual experience,participants can join in virtual meetings with ease.In addition to the live events,virtual conference includes discussion forums,networking opportunities,a conference resource center,the ability to search for and chat with other conference participants,and other features. All of these are specifically designed to give virtual participants the same opportunity to get the same meeting experience as onsite attendees.

2. Three Types of Virtual Conference

Video conference,teleconference,and web conference are three main types of virtual conference,which are applied to different kinds of situations or industries. Here is a brief introduction on the three types.

2.1 Video conference

A video conference allows participants to not only hear but also see each other during a meeting with a computer video camera and microphone or the built-in camera of mobile device. There are various kinds of video conference providers in the current market,such as Skype,Zoom,and ezTalks. People who want to join a video conference need a video conferencing software,a computer with webcam and microphone speaker equipped or a mobile device and a fast Internet connection.

This type of virtual conferences is often used for interviewing job candidates in faraway locations or delivering group online meetings for business. It is also used for meeting with employees who work at home and telecommute,as well as to connect to long-distance clients. Video conference is additionally beneficial in online training,for holding brainstorming sessions or for project-planning sessions.

2.2 Teleconference

A teleconference connects meeting participants via phone lines. This can be accomplished through landlines or cellular devices,which allows numerous people to connect simultaneously from multiple locations. It includes telephone conferencing,phone conferencing and audio conferencing,etc.

The downside of teleconference is that there is no visual reference for meeting participants,and people have no access to identify who is speaking and cannot see each other. This format can be more effective if all teleconference participants are introduced beforehand,and if each person identifies himself before commenting.

2.3 Web Conference

Web conference is an umbrella term used to describe the process of using the Internet and a web browser to connect individuals or groups together from separate geographic areas for educational or training webinars,collaborative online meetings,video conferencing,or live presentations in real time.

Web conference allows real-time point-to-point communications as well as multi communications from one sender to many receivers. It offers data streams of text-based messages,voice,and video chat to be shared simultaneously,across geographically dispersed locations.