What Is Telepresence and Its Features

Telepresence gives a virtual and real meeting experience inclusive of displays that are life-sized,very fast connections,HD video quality,and directional audio. Telepresence is used when one wants to save time,money and reduce how much you travel around the world which helps one reduce the emissions of carbon.

Telepresence helps you connect with friends and business partners within no time. It helps the user interact and catch up with friends like you are situated in one room. Use the most contemporary tools to flawlessly share content (digital) and revise documents virtually.

Definition of Telepresence

Telepresence is a number of technologies that allow its user to feel like they are present and give the manifestation of one being present. It can also be defined a sophisticated type of robotic control (remote) whereby a human operator has a feeling of being present at a location and the experience is like that of virtual reality (VR). The robot is remotely controlled (Telechir) and together with the operator (human) they can be situated at a large distance from one another.Managing and feedback are performed by telemetry above wires,fibers (optical) and the internet or other links that are wireless. In telepresence the remotely controlled is usually a humanoid robot which can also be referred to as an android. The control station is made up of a suit (full body) that is worn by the user. Sensors detect,reproduce the feeling of sound and image together with transducers.In some of the system's sensing (tactile) is possible and is known as haptics. The person using Telepresence wears headgear which comes with a display and headphones with the ability to come up with scenes and voices as materialize on a site of the human controlled robot.Telepresence also comes with a vision (binocular machine) allows a feeling of depth. It also comes with hearing (binaural machine) makes the acuity of sounds with a feeling of direction and loudness of sound it easy to use. The Telechir may come with one or maybe two arms with effectors at the end that resemble human hands and the user puts on data gloves.Telepresence involves the users` intelligence being provided with stimuli that gives the feeling the user being present in another location. The user may also be granted the capability to affect or change the remote site. Considering this case,the location,actions,and movements may be sensed,conveyed and copied to the remote site to show this effect. As a result,Intel may travel in 2 directions,between the remote site and the user.A common app is seen in telepresence video conferencing,which is the highest level of video telephony. ezTalks,the leader of video conferencing,announced that they would be coming with its products (innovative) at an event that is globally for the business that is digital.Telepresence through video sets up a technical complexity and improved cooperation of sight and also sound than in the previous modes of video conferencing. Technical progression while using mobile collaboration has extended the abilities of videoconferencing past the boardroom and it can also be used with mobile phones which enable collaboration no matter where you are located.

Features of Telepresence

One feature of Telepresence includes its ability to work in an exceedingly hot environment or cold environment,with high pressure or low and can also be convenient in other dangerous conditions to the lie of human beings. Telepresence can be used to deactivate bombs,and take care of poisonous materials and also carry out military missions that are dangerous.

It has also been suggested that telepresence can be used as a way of performing surgery by controlling it using a remote and also a way of performing operations (nanoscale) by reducing the Telechir by about thousands or millions of factors.

The only crucial issues with telepresence used for long distances is that statistics and control signals travel slowly (not at a very fast pace). This creates a limit to the distance which telepresence can be used minus the extra latency. Another issue is created by the precision level at which perception and detection happen.

Brilliant resolutions for images and perception of sound and haptics need a lot of bandwidth for transmission of signals.

The Bottom Line

Telepresence is an added advantage in the world of technology,especially when used in business and medicine. In business,it is very convenient to hold a meeting since one does not need to travel from where they are,one only needs an Android phone that can support telepresence and fast internet.

One does not need to make plans to travel sometimes even across the world to hold a business meeting. We can only hope telepresence will be applied in the field of surgery. Telepresence is the next big thing in the world of technology and it will be very convenient for businesses,especially for urgent meetings.