What Experts Are Saying About Mobile Video Conferencing

The business world has fully adapted the use of mobile devices to the extent that srnartphones and laptops have become major tools for business communication. As the society becomes increasingly mobile and video conferencing more commonly used,it is vital for you to adapt to these beneficial changes as well. If your small business relies on these mobile devices,you can easily expand your business empire to include video conferencing. This article will give you a detailed introduction on mobile video conferencing software.

Challenges Associated With Mobile Video Conferencing

1.Internet Connectivity: The main challenge in mobile video conferencing is managing the intersection of bandwidth requirements and the available network connections. Often,most mobile meeting participants are located in the environment where they have no control over internet connectivity. With mobile video conferencing,one can experience video up to 360p resolution. In terms of bandwidth,this can only be attained on potentially 4G networks or on Wi-Fi. Without the connection level,video participants will experience low resolution videos. This is a major concern because 3G networks are the only available connections and most cellular networks do not give the resources required for high resolution videos.

2.Data Limits: Mobile video conferencing requires the use of data. Most mobile users have data limits on their gadgets for instance 3 Gigabytes per month. If you attend many mobile video conferences,data limits can be a major concern.

3.Low Quality Services: One of the main challenges experienced by small businesses when they decide to implement mobile video conferencing is finding a product that delivers enterprise level features. Many consumer market applications lack security standards/features required by many businesses. In addition,they are not compatible with many other video-conferencing-capable devices for instance computers.

How to Make Mobile Video Conferencing Work for You

There are a number of solutions when it comes to making video conferencing workable and efficient. However,you need to carefully weigh the limitations of mobile video devices versus the features wanted by video participants. To get started in the right direction,businesses interested in mobile video conferencing should look out for the following features.

1.Ease of Use: A platform should allow you to effortlessly leverage on commonly used controls for instance swiping or tapping to manage audio and layout controls.

2.Flexibility:Apart from in-app features,it is important that you look for video conferencing platforms that can support dozens of simultaneous users. This is beneficial in holding complex events. In addition,the conferencing software for mobile devices should have user-friendly features for instance moderator controls to mute participants,meeting recording,content sharing,in-meeting chat and other vital collaboration capabilities. Also,a good platform should have device-based features for instance the ability to scroll through the panel video participants,view full screen video and easily turn video on/off. This gives people full control and the flexibility to fine-tune their devices accurately.

3.Highly Compatible: You should settle for mobile video conferencing software that supports all mobile platforms. Ensure that the vendor proves it by demonstrating before you download and test it on each platform. This ensures that everyone can join your meeting regardless of their device preference.

Top Mobile Video Conferencing Provider

The mobile video conferencing world is flooded with many service providers that it has become difficult to separate mediocre from genuine service providers. To help you deal with this mix up,this article will introduce ezTalks. It is the market leader when it comes to providing efficient,affordable,flexible and highly compatible video conferencing software for mobile devices.

ezTalks is your one-stop shop when it comes to providing online meetings,webinars and training. With it,you can meet up to three people absolutely free. To meet 100 people or more,check out its affordable and flexible ezTalks plans. If you need on-premise video conferencing,check out the on-premise platform. And the following lists its 5 significant features.

1.Share Your Screen: With ezTalks,you can present/collaborate on any mobile device.

2.High Resolution Video: ezTalks helps you see people's faces clearly for effective communication thanks to its high definition video conferencing platform. In addition,the ezTalks effectively balances good resolution with low data consumption.

3.Whiteboard: With this feature,you can easily share your ideas and add annotations.

4.Free Audio: VolP is absolutely free for every ezTalks user.

5.Highly Compatible: Use ezTalks on your mobile devices to join conversations from anywhere. The ezTalks platform is compatible with many video-conferencing capable devices. To get started,download their application from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

If you rely heavily on a desktop or laptop for your video conferencing,it is time for you to try out video conferencing software for mobile devices. With uncountable applications out there today for instance to-do lists,calendaring,email and more,you’ll be blown off by how productive you can be.