Video Conferencing vs Face to Face Meetings: Which One Is Better

Meetings are very important for each and every business. It is in meetings that companies get to discuss how their business is doing,what are their sales status,what is the response of the consumers,what plans they have for the future,and so on. So,regular meetings just cannot be avoided,but meeting face to face is also not always possible,more so because companies are expanding rapidly and they have employees everywhere in the globe. It is not always possible for such employees to gather together in one place to discuss things.

Video conferencing was introduced as a solution this problem. Using a video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings you can conduct online meetings and discuss anything you want to with your team members or employees. Now,some people still like the face to face meeting concept while others find video conferencing more suitable. But comparing video conferencing vs face to face meetings,which amongst these is actually better,if this is what you are now wondering then the points discussed below may prove to be helpful.

Video Conferencing vs Face to Face Meetings:

1. Traveling

Travelling is an important point to keep in mind while deciding which is better - video conferencing vs face to face meetings. Since companies have their branches far and wide,if one has to travel from one city/country to another for a face to face meeting,then they will have to bear great travel costs. Not only airfare,accommodation costs also have to be considered,which can keep adding up depending on how long their stay will be. Furthermore,time also is wasted in going to and from a destination,and supporters of video conferencing say that the time wasted on traveling could be invested on something more productive. So,as far as traveling is concerned,particularly long distances,video conferencing seems to be a better option.

2. Sharing Content

In meetings,participants usually review documents,view and give presentations,and give votes on important matters. As far as sharing content is concerned it can be done both in the virtual and face to face meetings with equal ease. While of course in the face to face meets you share them manually,in video conferences you need to use a tool like ezTalks,which allows you to share content,use free screen sharing,chat with participants,use online polls to vote on important issues,and enjoy many other features.

3. The Feel

In face to face meetings,all the participants are in the same room and they can read each other' body language and see each other's reactions. This helps the meeting leaders and the participants know if the others present are being able to understand what they are trying to say. In video conferences,however,this is not possible,you do not enjoy the same reactions,and thus it becomes difficult for the other participants or the leaders to figure out if the meeting is really successful.

4. Lack of Control

During face to face meetings,everyone is in the same room,some etiquettes and rules are followed,and everyone has no choice but to pay attention to what is being said,and thus the leaders of the meeting enjoy almost full control. However,in video conferences,leaders cannot exercise such control. While participating in such long-distance meetings the participants might also be working on other documents,sending emails,and thus may not be fully attentive,and there is hardly anything the leaders can do to control the same.

5. Best Flexibility

When employees or remote team members are present in different locations and a quick meeting needs to be called to discuss some important matters,then in such situations a video conference proves to be the best solution. Using a software like ezTalks can be planned,the attendees can be informed,and no matter where they are at the moment,they can join the meeting almost instantly,and no prior booking is required in such scenario. This,is something that just cannot be imagined as far as face to face meeting is concerned. It is,in fact,a very slow process. Firstly the members have to be notified about the meeting via an email. The attendees will then search for and book tickets,and only after all the members have reached the location can a meeting start. So,as far as urgency or discussion of important matters is concerned,without doubt,video conferences are a better alternative.

To conclude,it will be wise to say that both video conferencing and face to face meetings are good in their own ways. If you want to discuss matters urgently and do not want to waste time and money of travel then video conferencing will prove to be better for you. If,you are more interested in the feel,and want the participants to be right in front of you then face to face meetings is something that you are more likely to enjoy.