Top HD Video Conferencing Comparison 2017

Nowadays,more and more enterprises are increasingly understanding the advantages of video conferencing. They adopt video conferencing as a useful office tool to reduce travel and communication costs,meeting the needs of collaboration with people distributed geographically in real time.

In order to make meetings more productive and efficient,enterprises are no longer satisfied the existing features of video conferencing. Some are looking for extremely high-definition (HD) video conferencing with ultra-high definition video and high fidelity audio. Others are seeking for video conferencing solutions with more features like content sharing,mobile integration and so on.

However,there are numerous video conferencing services on the market,and each has its own characteristics. And how do you decide which one is right for your company? It can be difficult for you to choose the best video conferencing tool to meet your requirements.

Here we’ll compare five top HD video conferencing services of 2017 from the viewpoints of feature and price. These five video conferencing solution providers are Polycom HD video conferencing,GoToMeeting HD video conferencing,Skype HD video conferencing,VidyoCloud HD video conferencing and ezTalks HD video conferencing. Hope this comparison chart can help you easily determine the most suitable one.

Top HD Video Conferencing Comparison




Polycom RealPresence Desktop

Legendary HD video and voice

Recording video sessions

Content sharing

Compatible with Windows and Mac devices

Interoperable with Skype for Business in Office 365

List price: $68.99

Including RealPresence Desktop license,and Polycom Premier maintenance contract for one year


HD video,integrated phone and VoIP audio

Screen sharing

keyboard &mouse sharing

Drawing tools

Recording and scheduling

Mobile apps

1-click meetings

Starter: $19 per month (10 participants)

Pro: $29 per month (50 participants)

Plus: $49 per month (100 participants)

Skype for Business

Group video calls and chat

Screen sharing and file sharing

Outlook integration

Enterprise-grade security

Starting at $2 per user,per month (up to 250 participants)


HD video,VoIP audio

Desktop,mobile apps and browser-based access

Cloud-based storage and ability to download files

Multipoint content sharing

Calendaring integration

Free: $0 individual users (up to 10 participants)

Team: $19.99 /user/month (up to 100 participants)

Plus: $14.99 /user/month (up to 200 participants)

ezTalks Meetings

HD video and voice

Desktop,file,application sharing and whiteboard annotation

Private and group chat

Recording and playback

Instant or schedule meetings

Keyboard and mouse control

Mac,Windows,iOS,Android and Browser supported

Starter: $0 (up to 100 participants,yet 40 minutes limit on each meeting)

Pro: starting at $12.99 /host/month (up to 500 participants)

Enterprise: as low as half a cent per minute (up to 10,000 participants)

The chart here has fully explained the features and prices of each HD video conferencing services. If you are looking for a HD video conferencing solutions,it might help you a lot.

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