10 Platforms for Free Online Conference Call

The word conference used to have a different meaning from what we know it now. It used to be a word for big businessmen and how they communicated with each other. This day,however,anyone can decide to have a quick conference call with someone or a group of people at any time. It has been made easier to communicate with your clients or your business associates at absolutely no cost.

The apps that allow this use what we call VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as a means of communication. You will be able to gain access to these apps for free but you are still required to have an active internet connection to make that conference call. Currently,there are several VoIP apps that offer free PC to PC calls or cheap PC to landlines or cell phone conference calls. Here is a list of the top 10 applications that allows you make conference calls for free.

Free Online Conference Call

Free for up to 100 ParticipantsCrystal Clear Audio ExperienceGroup Video/Audio/IM ChatScreen Sharing and WhiteboardRecording and PlaybackSign Up Free Now1.ezTalks Cloud Meeting:This is one of the best online conference call platforms. It is designed to enable people to work seamlessly across all platforms like PC and mobile devices. ezTalks Cloud Meeting can accommodate up to a 100 people on their free online meeting conference call feature. You get to meet more people with this platform and it is best used for webinars andtrainingsessions,making it perfect for small and medium businesses.2. Skype: arguably the biggest online conference call app. Skype is the most popular and allows you to make free conference call online to anyone around the world. It is very easy to join Skype. You download it afterward and invite your contacts to join. The big advantage is that you can add as much as 25 people to join your conference call. The platform also has a chat feature where you can chat with your contacts when you are not in the mood for a call.3. Google+ Hangouts: It is perhaps one of the fastest ways of making conference call online. This app can be used with any device so far it has video or audio features. Google has done a tremendous job as the quality of calls from this app is remarkable. The layout of this app has also made it easy for users to organize their contact lists for an easy call. You can make an online conference call using Google+ without much stress. You will also stay updated with latest happening in your world of interest.4. ClickMeeting: This is one of the best platforms to conduct your webinar. It offers free online conference meeting calls for all its registered users. The app is fully business oriented with features that will satisfy all your professional needs. It is very useful in settings such as marketing,sales,and training. The major advantage of this app is that allows you have access to your social media accounts like Facebook,Twitter,Dropbox,and LinkedIn. You don’t just make conference calls,you also get to see your social media contacts there.5. Intercall: This app allows you to make a free online conference call from anywhere on the planet. It is specially designed to accommodate all types of business; from small business to large multinational corporations. Reports recently have it that they are trusted by 85 out of 100 Fortune companies. This is an indication of how good they are and you should give them a try.6. FreeBridge: This is a unique online free conference platform as it allows over 100 people to stay connected all at once. It is very hard to get such numbers but they have solved the problem of big corporations. It is used to conduct board meetings,webinars or legal dispositions. It increases productivity and allows information to travel faster,saving you time and money.7. Free conference calling: Perhaps one of the easiest ways of communicating with business associates and friends. By logging on to their website,freeconfrencecalling.com,you get to access several features they have that will make online conference call much simpler for you. The website will give you a dedicated phone number to be used for the conference call. They are favored by many people as they have very good visual and audio quality that allows your meeting to go smoothly.8. Paltalk:Just like Skype and Google+,Paltalk combines both calling features with chat mode. This app can be downloaded on IOS,Android,Mac and Windows platform. The conference call from Paltalk is flexible as it has a high integration capability. Using the chat feature,you can access up to 5000 rooms available on the platform and meet new people every day.9. OpenVoice:What makes them one of the best online conference call is the fact that they allow you to connect with over 500 people. It is easy to navigate. It also gives you the opportunity to create unique call groups from your contacts that you can use anytime with relative ease. If you are on the road and you don’t feel convenient taking your PC along,do not worry as openVoice has a mobile app that gives you the same privileges and features that the PC platform has to offer.10. SendHub:Maybe we are saving the best for last. The features that send hub has makes it unique from other online free conference call platforms. Its strongest suit is the simplicity in its mode of operation. It is targeting not only the multi-national companies but the other small and medium businesses. They are able to communicate fast and effectively without adding any extra charge to their operations. What makes them unique is the automatic voice transcribe to text feature it contains and the ability to send people messages with a link to join the conversation. This has made conference call much easier.Free online conference calls have been made much better and simpler by the above-listed platforms. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or medium business or even a big corporation,you get to stay connected with your clients,business associates and friends,and family. You will get to conduct your board meetings,webinars,and market and sell your products from anywhere. Try any of these and be sure to recommend them to others.