The Importance of Mobile Collaboration for Business Success

One look on any crowded public place will demonstrate you just how ingrained mobile devices are in our lives. It’s a sure bet a lot of people you’d see will be using a mobile phone or tablet in some way. If your company isn’t responding to this major change,you’re going to be left behind. So you should know what mobile collaboration is and effectively use it in your business.

Mobile collaboration definition is following it is a technology-based method of communicating using electronic devices and accompanying software created for use in distant locations. Differing from original video conferencing,mobile collaboration uses wireless,cellular and broadband technologies assuring highly effective collaboration.

Benefits of Mobile Collaboration for Business

1. It helps you make the sale.When potential clients do find your website on the Internet,it needs to be well mobile adapted or they’ll go to your competitor’s website. If your website isn’t quick to load,easy to navigate,and convenient to use on a mobile screen,you’ll lose clients’ interest and the sales. Now that actually B2B buyers more and more research purchases with mobile devices,mobile-friendly sites are vital for all businesses,not only consumer-oriented ones.2. It helps you be more responsive.Cloud-based systems have changed the entire way business is done. If you utilize cloud storage systems,like Microsoft OneDrive,you can access important data and documents instantly,anywhere,anytime. That gives you the possibility to answer your clients’ questions and requests on the spot. With the required information you need at your fingers,you can close sales,invoice clients,or answer decisive questions from employees.3. It helps you be more productive.By using cloud storage systems,you save a lot of time compared to emailing yourself data or copying files onto thumb drives. Plus you can capture information easily on the road with an app such as Microsoft’s OneNote. Use it to make notes on your smartphone,or save photos,recordings,or URLs to OneNote,then upload them to the cloud. See interesting news online,but don’t have enough time to read it immediately? With the innovative Microsoft Edge app,you can save it to read offline after.4. It boosts team collaboration.Mobile collaboration helps you and your staff work together wherever you are. Join mobility with cloud storage technology and you can send and collaborate on company files whenever you need to. It’s an unbeatable recipe for success. With Office 365,mobile cooperation doesn’t require learning clunky,unwonted new applications; your familiar Office apps are always with you on your smartphone or tablet. Plus,the last Office 2016 makes collaboration simpler than ever. Just click from within any file to share it instantly and begin working together.5. Mobile collaboration keeps you connected.With functions such as shared calendars,group-party HD video for online meeting and business level email services,Office 365 helps you stay in touch with your staff and your clients,no matter on what distance they are.

Mobile Access to Collaborative Tools

Mobile devices grant quick access to existing desktop toolset. The most spread examples of mobile versions are email apps on mobile phones,instant messaging and web conference tools.

The tools and features are in general familiar to users,who quickly adapt to the modern possibilities with a small need for extra direction. This can manifest itself in different ways,but some general areas include using mobile phones in email "triage" ability,deleting unnecessary messages and saving important contacts at the desktop.

Staff can also use mobile devices to operate more flexibly at locations and times that fit them. In this case,they use the instant-on and quick access attributes of mobile phones to enable fast cooperation and send posts and comments on the move.

Harnessing this effect can be as simple as empowering mobile access to business systems such as email and IM tools. With even little IT intervention,staff can now make use of little amounts of time that would otherwise be inefficient,like waiting for conferences to start and waiting at airports. Many companies are at this stage,but those that are not urgently exploring ways to make base collaboration features available on staff devices.

The clue to harnessing the performance benefits of a mobile-enabled personal is to make sure that mobile devices can access the business information they are best suited to display and that the new features available in these devices are properly used in mobile collaboration apps.


In general,mobile collaboration can bring great benefits to the business of any industry,but the most this collaboration is effective in work with customers. Also,mobile collaboration can save a lot of time for employees and boosts teamwork in your company. For those companies that get their blend of devices and mobile collaboration tools just for their business purposes,there are vast opportunities to be exploited.