Telepresence: All You Need to Know

After knowing what is video conferencing,people have started asking what is telepresence? Telepresence means having a person being present in a particular location by providing him the same effects using technology even though that person is in his original place. Information is travelling in both directions in this technology which includes movement,sound,actions etc.

What Is Telepresence Technology?

Telepresence is a technology in which the person operating it feels or has a sense of being present in that location. This experience also resembles virtual reality. The remotely controlled robot is also called telechir and the human operator can be located at a very far away distance. The control and feedback mechanism are done over wires,internet,wireless or optical fibers.Telepresence can work in extreme weathers and high or low pressure. Telepresence might be used to disarm bombs,do dangerous military mission,handle toxic materials etc. Many people have also recommended this technology to doctors to perform operations and surgeries by remote control.Many people think telepresence and video conferencingis the same thing. A video conference is a type of communication which includes communication using image and audio.However telepresence include high end codecs that support only high bandwidth. It is basically being in a remote location and even though it is not completely related to video conferencing,it also includes robotic telepresence.

Main Benefits of Telepresence:

1. Full-Fill Business Objective

It helps in communication between two people. For business it leads to smooth communication between employees and employers. You can share your ideas,files,videos and other things on the spot. It saves time and is ultimately value for the business.

2. Less Expenditure

A telepresence meeting has a conference room in which the participants get together. It is like being in a place where you are not physically present. This will save your expenditure. You do not have to travel to different destination for meetings. It saves a lot of travelling and accommodation cost. It can be used to cut down overhead expenditure.

3. Globalization

Today everything we do in the world and among countries are a part of globalization and globe equality. Imagine a doctor being able to help another person in an under developed nation,researchers helping out people in other countries,people sharing their knowhow and experiences etc. This is the reason why there has been a boost in telepresence rooms in developed countries like US and UK. The governments of many countries have also started using this technology for communication between different ministries

4. Increase in Productivity

In an organization,telepresence will help I better coordination between clients,employees and suppliers. It can boost productivity by up to 40 per cent due to quick decision making,saving travel cost,saving travel time.

5. Recruitment Made Easy

The method of employing employees is a very lengthy procedure. It takes time and is limited to only areas of physical reach. You can schedule multiple interviews with people and can also save the video for later reference. This can help a business to evaluate the best candidate. You can also recruit from the world and choose among many people.

There are many companies which are providing telepresence solutions and software for businesses. One of a very well-known brand would be ezTalks Could Meeting- video conferencing software.

Not only the above mentioned benefits,telepresence can help in developing a green world and it helps in reducing travelling,which in turn will lead to lesser air pollution and help make the world green.

Telepresence also has a serious problem,i.e. problem of latency over long distance data and control signal. This reduces the distance over which telepresence can be maintained without excessive latency. Another problem is the bandwidth. High level resolution,sound and haptic require data to travel at a very high speed which is not possible in most of the places.


Telepresence is a wonderful technology which is becoming essential nowadays. It has many benefits which have been discussed above. Not just in businesses,but in all aspects of our life telepresence can be used. However the basic infrastructure required for telepresence is high bandwidth connection,speakers,microphones,high definition camera and a few other tools. With these in place,we can make communication to people is remote areas without interruption. The usage of telepresence is increasing and with gradual increase in internet speed we should see it becoming essential in few years' time.