Skype or Google Hangouts, Which One Is Better?

If you are looking to chat with people,there are many programs for you. Among them,Skype and Google Hangouts are two of the most popular ones.Microsoft and Google have often competed with each other in different fields and even when it comes to having a platform where people can chat,these two apps come head to head.

Microsoft’s Skype has ruled video conferencing for over a decade,but the king of virtual chat might soon be dethroned. Its challenger is Google’s Hangouts.Released less than a year ago,Hangouts is already making a name for itself in the world of free video conferencing. It even has some Skype devotees wondering if they should make the switch.

With a strong emphasis to reducing the barriers to entry for users,Skype is an excellent choice for connecting to participants with questionable computers,connections,or technical knowledge. Additionally,Skype is available for almost any device that allows an internet connection,with cross-platform functionality in place.

In terms of costs,two-way Skype video calls are free,although a subscription is needed by at least one of the members if more participants want to participate. However,Skype often suffers from quality issues,especially if some of the participants are using a cellular connection.

Google Plus Hangouts requires all members to have a Google Plus account,but is completely free and also has cross-platform functionality (as long as they have a Google Plus app). On top of high quality video,Google Plus Hangouts also offers manybusiness-savvy features.

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And below,we will make an analysis of the top features offered by both these apps and thereby come down to the right conclusion regarding which one,among them,seems to be the best choice. We will compare in terms of the following options: