Main Difference Between Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Certain times the language availed in the video conferencing can be a little bit confusing. What is the distinction between videoconferencing and telepresence? Technology has consistently modified,therefore basically,there is not the proper answer. Marketing tools may avail one term or more,and there might not also be a settlement between sellers as to the reference of these terms. However,to give you certain understanding into the main spots of difference between videoconferencing and telepresence,first focus on the old video technology and concentrate on latest developments. In the starting video conferencing software tried to give video and audio communications between two or four sites or endpoints.

Solid Definition

At the time of group conferences,persons would sit on a meeting room table,the camera was kept and had to berate around to aim on the present pre-speaker. Few people were placed near to the camera,when others were more away. Audio always differ in volume and clarity between speakers and there was not any steadiness between room and atmosphere. There were different types of video resolutions and mostly there were a standard definition with different points of user experience. Telepresence systems solve most of these challenges. This system implemented a strong definition of the conference room design and the network atmosphere by that the video flowed.

Unique Features

These conference rooms were not cheap to place,but offered the user the direct communication experience,with the remote attendees seeing such as they were in the conference room in life size display. These solutions offered life such as pictures of members and were in high definition. Video conferencing and telepresence are two words that have been availed interchangeably,however,actually these two technologies are not same. These two choices contain special capabilities and features which create them specifically best for particular applications and businesses must make proper assessments of the relative characteristics to select the proper plan for their requirements.

Hidden Goal

Prior looking what creates video conferencing vs telepresence different,it is essential to know the similar qualities between these two. Both these tools help users to remotely attend in group conference through audio and video links. But,from a common point,telepresence provides an easy model of detailed performance of video conferencing. The hidden objectives of these two technologies is to make a simulated room or face to face atmosphere,these two tools avail slightly various plans to get this goal. Video conferencing like to give more whistles and bells,offering users different types of deployment choices which can decrease distractions.

Limited Functions

Telepresence,like to give a simplified interface which ask just responding to calls. Telepresence materials let calls to be planned and activated by third persons,freeing attendees from the requirement to perform this themselves. One of the negative points of the telepresence method is that a lot of providers do not facilitate compatibility with the competitors. If one user possesses telepresence produced by a firm A and another user has software produced by firm B,performance may turn out to be restricted.

Careful Assessment

Normally speaking,telepresence has the corner to audio and video quality; video conferencing solutions have made a reputation for inconsistent functions and questionable reliability. But many video conferencing solution companies are putting their effort fast to fill this and call quality if quickly developing because of this. In the area of price,video conferencing is the option for businesses that has a tight budget. Telepresence tools like to operate better; they even tend to be expensive over the video conferencing tools. Hence it is essential to take a careful evaluation of what is more vital,the premier atmosphere of telepresence technologies or the amount savings given by video conferencing competitors.

Clear Image

As a common trend,organizations are practicing video conferencing software at rapid rates due to the reason of their higher performance and low cost quality provides an appealing substitute for the costly telepresence products. Telepresence usually is showing to the higher definition feel which lots of new technology offers. The images are clearer,you view the people and hear them exactly like when they were in the room. It is same to the variation between the analog television signal and HD digital signals availed in TV now.


When telepresence rooms and video conferencing rooms are in the similar video conference,people in the video conference will view the best video found on that tool. In the same way people in the telepresence room will view a lesser quality video on the HD screen. When they can get each other’s technical detail,they can convey,however it will be in the amount of technology each gives to the tables. With the video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings,planning is very easy. You can see in the rooms,see properly what will be offered and ask an advisor if you are not definite they will have the capability.