Main Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified communications have become trendy in the world of workplace’s new technologies. They are also referred to as consolidation or convergence and consist in integrating an enterprise’s PC environment with an office phone system in order to optimize your streamline and business processes.

For employees in the office it may become difficult to locate a member of the team who is on the road. Unified communication platform such as ezTalks comes as a solution to this business necessity. The innovative platform for cloud video collaboration offered by ezTalks delivers feature-rich,professional online conferencing services that make video collaboration for business easier than ever.

Unified communications advantages and disadvantages are well evaluated by any company that seeks an advanced telephony solution. Among the potential disadvantages,some companies fear sacrificing the status quo for a more sophisticated unified communication solution. However,overall there is a significant consent regarding the unified communications benefits in business. There are numerous advantages of unified communications for an organization when implementing the right solution,including:

Increased revenue

Reduced costs

Improved efficiency

Better customer service

Here are detailed the main benefits of unified communications technology in the workplace:

1. A flexible,single infrastructure

The unified communication platforms provide the possibility to integrate all your business communications in one place,with one interface and one server. This also means an easier management. You may even have absolutely no hardware on-site,by using a unified communication solution in the cloud. You also have the alternative to choose a hybrid solution that combines on-premise hardware with the cloud. This kind of flexible system can be scaled up for busy periods or down for quieter times.

2. Reduced costs

You can add all the needed tools into one monthly cost instead of paying for many separate products for your business. With unified communication you only pay for those services that you use. This will save you money by:

Replacing legacy hardware and reducing overall system costs.

Limiting the need for expensive hardware on site.

Reducing travel expenses due to more effective communication no matter the location.

Lowering messaging costs.

Lowering building costs as your company can have more staff working at home or on the road.

Reducing bills for audio conferencing and phone bills due to using high quality video and VoIP.

Reducing mobile and landline bills by using the internet for calls on your mobile via the office phone system.

Reducing bills for phone and audio conferencing by 20-40% due to high quality of VoIP and video.

3. Green IT

By restricting the need to travel,unified communications can also reduce your company’s carbon footprint. You can also significantly save in energy bills as well,since there is less hardware on site. Due to their virtual platform,unified communication solutions are the greenest IT systems on the market.

4. Improved productivity

Unified communication platforms provide the ability to greatly improve how individuals,groups,and companies interact. The response times increase and the gaps between disperses teams are bridged by streamlining communications into a single platform easy to deploy. Effective,real time communication can accelerate sales cycles and increase business decision making. Remote working policies made possible through unified communication platforms can also increase productivity at home.

5. Hyper mobility

One of the biggest advantages of unified communications is this shift in the work patterns towards remote working. Companies investing in home and remote working already have great advantages.


Unified communication platforms are the next generation services required by businesses of all sizes. These solutions are easy to understand and work much simpler than many other office tools. Companies that need to increase customer service and staff morale are realizing that IT and communication consolidation is the best way to keep their edge on the market.