Join by Computer/Mobile Device for Video and Telephone Call-in for Audio

ezTalks has updated the video conferencing service with a great feature,which is to bind the audio of the telephone and the computer/mobile device. This feature has been available on Windows,Mac,Android,iPhone and iPad apps. With the new update,ezTalks video conferencing service is more user-friendly and flexible to use.

Part 1 Why joining by computer/mobile device and telephone at the same time?

In general,participants join a meeting either by telephone call-in or from the computer/mobile audio. If joining by telephone dial-in only,participants can listen and talk to others,but they cannot watch the video or screen. If people need to video talk or share screen,they usually join with a computer/mobile device. However,there are cases that people need to join in both ways at the same time:1. There is no speaker/microphone on the computer/mobile device.2. The performance of the device audio is not good enough.Joining by computer/mobile device and telephone in the same room will cause audio feedback,therefore,to bind the audio from the device and telephone is a great way to avoid echo.

Part 2 How to bind the audio of computer/mobile device and telephone?

If you join a meeting by telephone call-in only,you can dial a telephone number and type in a meeting ID. However,it is additionaly required to type in a participant ID in order to bind the audio of the device and telephone.

Each device which has joined a meeting will be provided with a unique participant ID. The participant ID changes from time to time when joining different meetings.

Learn the detailed steps about how to bind the audio of device and telephone.

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