How to Set Up Skype for Business Video Conference Room

Skype for Business,the business version of Skype has already attracted about 100+ million users worldwide with its modern way of changing the traditional collaboration in business sector. Formerly known as Microsoft Lync Server,this platform unifies team collaboration in different channels including video conferencing,instant message,meeting recording,PowerPoint upload,whiteboard and more. In a word,Skype for Business is excellent when you connect team virtually. However what about entering into a meeting room for group meetings? Skype for Business hardware is required to complete this mission. This article will show audience how to set up Skype for Business video conference room in an effective covering all sizes of conference rooms.

ezTalks Hardware

Supports Multiple VC Apps

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.Request A DemoFirstly,let's take a look at what we need to configure the Skype for Business video conferencing room. On top of all,we need a Skype for Business account and make sure that it is a valid one. Then we need to list the Skype for Business video conferencing hardware.Skype for Business Hardware Requirements

a) Conference room camera

b) Conference room speaker


d) Computer (to run meetings)

e) Display (TV is ok)

These are basic elements for setting up the conference room and recently we have found an efficient way for Skype for Business hardware: the all-in-one device. The set-up process of all-in-one video conferencing device is easy and quick so that we can save numerous work for IT admins. The cost is comparatively lower and users do not need to worry about the compatibility between devices.Skype for Business Hardware for Mini RoomsThe mini room is the space for the boss or personal meetings which require compact and slim devices and the budget is not large for these mini spaces. Here we recommend the ezTalks Meet Mini,all-in-one Skype for Business hardware with all that you need for video communication. Meet Mini is integrated with camera,speaker,mic,codec,screen and video conferencing app (including Skype for Business),which makes the setup becomes super easy.Steps to Install ezTalks Meet Mini for Skype for Businessa) Take the device out of the box

b) Connect the power cable and Ethernet cable

c) Press the power button

Three simple steps are required to configure the Skype for Business mini rooms and only a few minutes is enough to complete the installation. It is super easy and no technician is required on site!The cost of this Skype for Business Conference Room Solution for Mini Meeting Rooms is only $699 (not include Skype for Business subscription fees). It is quite suitable for start-ups and small business owners. Other than that,the device also works with other popular video conferencing software including ezTalks,Microsoft Teams,etc. Switch to any option you like and you will not need to change device when connecting with external teams that using other video conferencing app.Skype for Business Hardware for Huddle RoomsThe open floor office design has been created to present a sense of equality,transparency and open communication. However,this also brings drawbacks like noise and lack of privacy which will surely reduce productivity. Huddle room is absolutely an excellent solution to these productivity killers that offer a small meeting space for teams to meet easily and quickly. The Skype for Business hardware for these huddle rooms should be with low cost and neat that will enable employees to do more with less. We still recommend the all-in-one solution ezTalks Meet S (formerly named as Onion),all-in-one Skype for Business video conferencing hardware for its cost-effectiveness,easy installation and open platform.Steps to Install ezTalks Meet S for Skype for Businessa) Prepare a display (HDMI-supported TV is ok)

b) Take the device out of the box

c) Connect the power cable and Ethernet cable

d) Connect the HDMI with the TVThis installation is quite easy and no technician is required. People with common knowledge can manage the installation and maintenance. The Skype for Business app is also pre-installed in Meet S and you can follow the start-up guide to use Skype for Business hardware for huddle rooms then.The cost of Meet S is only $899 (exclude Skype for Business subscription fees) and users could also use other video conferencing apps in their conference rooms including ezTalks,etc. If premium audio quality is required in the room,extra conference room speakerphones like M310 or T-Voice 100 are recommended.Skype for Business Hardware for Small RoomsAs huddle room can hold up to 6 people for the meeting,small rooms are for meetings with up to 12 people. If you need to set up the Skype for Business Hardware for small conference room,the all-in-one ezTalks Meet Pro is our recommendation for its cost-effective price,high compatibility and easy configuration process. Meet Pro comes with speaker,hd camera,codec and multiple video conferencing software including Skype for Business.The installation process is exactly the same as Meet S and only three steps are required to finish the set-up. The ePTZ control camera is amazing with enhanced audio/video quality. The cost of this device is only $1299 (exclude Skype for Business subscription fees). This device is also compatible with other VC apps including ezTalks,etc. Team members can choose the preferred software for both internal and external communication and collaboration.This product is designed for rooms with up to 12 people,if you need to expand the audio since there will be more people in the room,you can use wireless speakerphone like M310 to enhance your experience.Skype for Business Hardware for Middle RoomsIf more than 12 people will attend your meeting,you need a middle conference room. We recommend ezTalks Meet Plus,the premium all-in-one video conferencing device for Skype for Business. You can use it as the windows pc and install any software you like.The installation is the same as Meet S and Meet Plus costs $2899 with 6-meter sound pick up range from 360-degree directions. The ePTZ control camera also ensures that all details in the meeting room can be captured. Once your partners use other brands of video conferencing solution other than Skype for Business,you can switch the VC app in the meeting room to connect with your partners.It is suggested to add a conference speakerphone in the room to ensure all people could be heard clearly without any disruption. The ezTalks M410 is recommended for its wide range and unique 3D gesture control to make meetings simpler and easier.Skype for Business Hardware for Large RoomsLarge conference room consists of more than 20 people and the all-in-one device is not suitable for these types of rooms. Then we need the camera,mic and display to take the setup. Here we use Meet X as an example to show how to set up Skype for Business hardware for large rooms. The Meet X is the option that integrates with camera,codec and multiple VC apps. To set up the Skype for Business Hardware,you need a Meet X,an external speakerphone (Take M410 as an example) and displays (it supports dual display).Steps to Install ezTalks Meet X for Skype for Business: a) Connect the Ethernet cord,two HDMI cables from TV (you can connect one if you just need one TV),and connect M410 USD receivers,another receiver for mouse and keyboard,and the power;

b) Press the power button for 3 seconds to get it started. Meet X turns the TV into a Windows PC with a PTZ camera.

c) Open Skype for Business on the desktop and start your meetings then.The price of Meet X is $2399 and it supports dual displays with super-clear details. Users are able to use one screen for video streams and another screen for presentations or whiteboard sharing. The 1080P PTZ Camera with 12X optical zoom increases meeting flexibility and capture everyone on screen with 78.8-degree wide-angle lens. Like other Meet SERIES,Meet X is also compatible with other VC apps including ezTalks,etc. No hardware changes are needed and one is for all types of communication.The above mentioned are the easiest and most flexible way to set up Skype for Business Video Conference Room. These methods are also applicable to other brands of video conferencing setup due to the flexibility and compatibility of ezTalks Meet Series. Click here to know more.