How Courtroom Benefits from Video Conferencing

Essentially,multipoint video conferencing means video conferencing between at least three remote points through a multipoint control unit (MCU). Calls can be interconnected between people in different locations all around the world. All of the parties to the conversation need to call the MCU first,and then they can be in communication as if they were in the same physical location.

One situation in which multipoint video conferencing is particularly helpful is a courtroom trial or hearing. Multipoint video conferencing is very beneficial in courtroom proceedings,as it can facilitate what is going on.

Telepresence can be very beneficial to the courtroom situation,as consultations can be made with people who are not able to be physically present at that time. Specifically,it breaks down communication barriers and ensures that individuals can provide any relevant information wherever they are. Sometimes,information predicted as irrelevant in the first place would prove to be germane. In that case,telepresence would be a great solution as it can get the required information from any witness without requiring the time and expenses needed for travel and this can be done spontaneously even if it was not expected that the information would be needed in this case.

Additionally,multipoint video conferencing can streamline the process of accessing legal discoveries that could be critical to any given case. There is a wide variety of cases that any attorney may be dealing with and one can never tell what sort of information from expert witnesses could be needed for the case. If someone is required to provide information that is critical to the outcome of the case or a certain expert witness is needed to vouch for the case,telepresence can make it possible without a great deal of time and energy on behalf of all parties involved. The relevant individual can simply be called and spoken to “face-to-face” without having to deal with the ordeal of bringing people to the site of the courtroom for a conventional face-to-face conversation,just as we did decades ago.

With telepresence,multiple legal offices will be able to work together easily,so that they will be able to share data and research and construct their arguments with less effort than they would have to without this video conferencing technology. It’s also very helpful for clients and coworkers who are located around the world since they no longer need to pay for travel expenses or make trips themselves.

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