Best 7 GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2019

Video conferences are becoming more and more popular among enterprises from the entire world. They come with plenty of advantages,and because of that,they will soon be a standard in any remote conference. Even though there are many programs to facilitate that,not all of them are reliable. The following article will provide some useful alternatives to a very popular video conferencing software,called GoToMeeting.

About GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting was considered for years the best software for videoconferencing. However,the technological progress has shown that there are plenty other alternatives,and that this program isn't so reliable and professional. The biggest disadvantage of GoToMeeting consists in its instability. The stream is usually imprecise and it often displays errors. The interface of this program is also problematic. It often gives errors,crashes without a reason or refuses to load. And whoever is having a professional video conference,cannot risk such inconveniences. For that reason,we will provide seven useful and reliable alternatives to GoToMeeting,and explain why they’re better.

1. ezTalks Meetings[Recommended]

ezTalks Meetings is the ideal video conferencing tool,and the best GoToMeeting alternative. It features a wide diversity of features,which can fulfill any business and educational needs. Considering that other programs are either too faulty or expensive,ezTalks Meetings manages to create a balance between these two features,and to deliver a cheap and professional video conferencing service. More than that,it offers a free version which offers up to 100-participant video conference online. No hidden costs,no strings attached.

Ideal Alternative to GoToMeeting

Totally Free for up to 100 Attendees

Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat

Screen Sharing and Annotation

White Board and Remote Control

Record and Playback

Free to Enjoy Now

The access to the video conference is very quick,and joining any video conference couldn't be simpler. It does not require any installation for the participants,and they can attend the video conference straight from their browser. The participants don't need to register an account either. All they have to do is insert the Meeting ID,their name and email.

The video quality is also a thing that makes from ezTalks Meetings one of the best video conferencing software. It offers a 1920 x 1080p HD video resolution,one of the most advanced streaming quality on the market. However,this resolution can be customized as well,and depending on the user's preferences,it can be set to a lower quality.

Another important feature of ezTalks Meetings is the screen sharing. Any productive video conferencing must include some additional presentations,that have to be displayed separately. With the 'Share Screen' feature,any user can now present any PowerPoint,PDF or Word file to its audience,in an easy and effective manner.

2. TrueConf

Designed as an educational and business video teleconferencing service,TrueConf is a very interactive GoToMeeting alternative,which manages to offer a wide area of services for free. It comes with plenty of innovative features,but the most interesting one is the Video Conference Streaming. With it,you can communicate in real time with other people,being able to stream the conference for millions of viewers. Another interesting feature is the connectivity. TrueConf allows you to connect from any mobile device,and will maintain a quality streaming,even if the internet speed is slow.

3. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is another reliable teleconferencing software,and one of trustworthy alternativesto GotoMeeting. Even though it's not free,it manages to offer some interesting features,which worth its price. More than that,the developers are providing a 14 days free trial for any of their products. When it comes to their products,Any