7 Best Tools for Remote Teams to Collaborate Seamlessly

The chances of achieving success for any business are completely dependent on the extent of the collaboration of a team. However,due to various reasons,team members might locate and work in different places,which makes team collaboration much more difficult. In this case,professional tools for remote teams are necessary. Paragraphs underneath show seven best remote team tools.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the best remote team tools. It has been developed to assist teams in task management. This forms a single tracking mechanism for all the team members to follow the latest advancements and hence,comes effective in checking the troubles,like duplication of work. The tool is compatible with all the common browsers and hence,team members never find it difficult to adopt and operate this tool.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

As you can make it from the name itself,ezTalks Cloud Meeting works in cloud technology and it facilitates a seamless flow of video communication among the team members. The design is robust to accommodate up to 100 participants for free at a go. This tool for remote teams facilitates online video meetings,desktop sharing,whiteboard sharing,private and group chat,as well as recording for playback.

You can restrict the access to the meeting,simply selecting the team members to attend from your contact list. It offers option of time zone for accommodating remote teams from different time zones. Many teams love this remote team tool for its awesome features as well as simple user interface. Using this tool,organizations can keep its remote teams engaged with the business process at its offices.

3. Agreedo

Business meetings consumes significant span of time and often ends up without any prominent outcome. These days,businesses organize meetings that get the participation of flocks from remote locations. If the meeting has to be made successful,it should open with a clean agenda and there should be a mechanism to track the outcome of the meeting. In that regard,this tool is the perfect choice.

This tool for remote teams enables the participation of the team members from remote locations and helps to transform ideas to agendas and subsequently,the minutes are formed that are assigned to the attendees. Thus,it becomes easier to track the meeting outcome and the attendees have a structured guideline to execute the decisions taken at the meeting. This tool is compatible with iOS,Windows,Mac as well as Android technology and hence,works perfectly on various platforms.

4. join.me

join.me offers features like screen sharing,and enable you to host video conference as well as conference calls. A feature that you may appreciate is that the tool can be integrated with the most common office applications and are compatible with all the modern browsers. Most importantly,the app can be installed and used on the mobile devices as well. You can invite other members of the team to join a meeting and it offers toll-free audio conferencing call services as well. Review on this tool comes exceptionally positive and hence,you can opt for this application with a good faith.

5. Skitch

Operational and functional notes come as operating guideline for the team working on the accomplishment of the tasks,and hence,it comes in the list of the best tools for remote teams,specializing on the purpose of annotations. This tool enables team members to add necessary and relevant notes on the status of the work process.

In addition,by using this tool,a team member can shoot a single email to notify the team. The tool comes with user-friendly interface and hence,team members can use it just with a few clicks. Thus,this tool comes as one of the best tools for remote teams,holding the team together.

6. Dropbox

If you are looking for tools for remote teams that will facilitate the sharing of files,Dropbox gets rated as the most effective solution. This forms a virtual system for storing and sharing the files,anywhere and at any time. Most importantly,the files once shared through this tool,are saved in the database for future reference. Thus,the team members can retrieve the files,whenever they are in need of it. Sharing business files through this tool,most importantly,enable the organizations to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the files.

7. Slack

Slack is dedicated to serve the purpose of serving communication of remote teams. Team members can integrate the tool with all other applications that they are presently using. As the tool works online,members of the remote team can collaborate. It forms a comprehensive platform for seamless communication among the teams,having members at remote locations.

The best tools for remote teams discussed above are the top options,enjoying high rating and positive reviews from the existing users. These tools are high-function and user friendly and enable teams to bring its global members on a common platform,keeping them seamlessly connected with each other.