What Is Corporate Communication?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of the human culture, particularly in the work place, not only for small corporations but for the big ones too. That is why corporate communication is the key factor that ensures a corporation stays afloat in an ever-changing industry and maintains a credible reputation amongst the general public and its competitors.Then, what is corporate communications all about?

what is corporate communication

What Is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication definition is that it is a key aspect of the corporate work industry and can be defined as a management function or a department within a workplace. An example of this is a marketing department who are dedicated to the execution of key corporate strategies and the development of all marketing aspects within the corporation or outside of it.

In today's age, the corporation department is mostly focused on overseeing various communication strategies both internally and externally for the cooperation, any media relations with the corporation, the handling of crisis communications, internal communications within the cooperation between the staff, managers, etc. They are also responsible for the reputation of the corporation and its management, relationships with potential and existing investors, government affairs, and often communications in marketing also.

Corporate communication sounds very similar to "public relations" or "public affairs", and that is because this particular section of the cooperate industry was known by those titles before the 21st century. Today, it has taken on a high role after a result of corporate scandals, such as companies like Toyota.

Is Corporate Communication Important for Enterprises?

We define corporate communication in the part above. Actually, corporate communication is imperative to an enterprises survival in the modern age. The following demonstrates why:

Corporate Branding: Branding is imperative to a company as it defines who they are, their products, their message, and their overall goal to the general public. It is how they are defined in the media and how they are viewed by other competition enterprises. The function of the corporate communication department is to create favorable association surrounding the enterprise, and create a positive and respected reputation both within the enterprise and externally, with competitors and the general public.

Corporate Identity and Organizational Identity: Corporate identity refers to the uniqueness of the organization. This is related to the corporation's image, both externally and internally, and its reputation. Organizational Identity refers to the characteristics of the corporation, and what its employees, buyers, and investors believe are central and distinctive. They are the fundamental communications that employees believe are integral to the corporation's function.

Corporate Responsibility: Corporate responsibility refers to a corporation's respect for the general publics or societies interests. This part of corporate communications makes the corporation look beyond its traditions and adapt to social implications and changed.

Corporate Reputation: The reputation of a corporation can make or break its future in the world. Reputations are not only defined by the general public, but by the corporation's stakeholders and investors. It is imperative that the corporate communications department maintain an excellent reputation to ensure that the corporation has the chance to continue in growth and had a future.

Crisis Communications: Crisis communications can be referred to as a public challenge to the corporation's reputation and image. Challenges such as these can come in the forms of criminal allegations, media attacks or inquiries, violations of certain regulations regarding the environment, and more.

Useful Tips for Efficient Corporate Communication

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Since you have know the definition of corporate communication and the importance of corporate communication. As you know, it pays to always be ahead of the game when it comes to corporate communications. Here are useful tips to help enterprises maintain effective corporate communication.

• Utilize corporate communication tools . For efficient corporate communication, your enterprise ought to rely on powerful coporate communication tools like ezTalks Meetings. It is a video conferencing solution where you can connect with your colleagues in real time no matter where you're.
• Proofread all emails to ensure that you come across as professional.
• Be confident in what you do.
• Be careful of verbal communication, meaning that you should be open and inviting.
• Silence your self-phone in a meeting. You want to make sure the person at the other end of the video conference has your full attention and they know it.
• Keep your social and work life separate.
• Include and respect all colleagues, whether they are above or below you.
• Say what you mean. Don't beat around the bush.
• Keep your emails professional. Do not send personal emails.
• Keep your ears open. A great communications officer is someone who knows what's going on before the rest of the world does.
• Don't complain. Corporate communication can be a hard department, but it doesn't like complainers.
• Communicate like a professional. This is a corporate business and needs to be treated in a professional demeanor.


Corporate communication is such an imperative aspect to the survival of any enterprise, but it is the corporate communication department that ensures the corporation has a promising future in an ever changing industry and remains credible amongst the general public, stakeholders, investors, and within the corporation themselves.