Pros and Cons of Instant Messaging for Business

The messages are now transmitted instantly with the help of internet systems or wireless phone signals through a software program designed especially for this purpose like ezTalks Meetings etc. Initially the functioning of IM networks was confined to exchange text messages only but today you can also use them for transmitting audios, graphics and videos along with organizing video conferencing between several participants.

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Before we talk about the pros and cons of instant messaging for business we must know what is instant messaging. Instant messaging or IM can be defined as a form of exchanging text messages in real-time. These messages can be sent or received by an individual or a group of people to one or more than ne people by using a public or private instant messaging network. But both, the sender and the receiver should use the same network to share the messages. The message will be received instantly on the medium of communication of the recipient like Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Pros of Instant Messaging for Business

Cost Effective Communication:

Instant messaging services allow you to communicate with anyone situated in any part of the world without the usual call tariffs for international or long distance calls. The businesses can communicate with the foreign suppliers or their staff members situated in foreign countries by sending them instant messages or organizing video conferencing or sharing presentations with them. In this way it reduces the cost of conducting business on international level.

Real-Time Communication:

Uses of instant messaging for business allows you to communicate with other people, anywhere in the world, in real-time unlike the response of emails for which you have to wait until your message is downloaded from the server by the receiver. For businesses it is one of the main advantages of IM. You can instantly send and receive the real-time messages faster than emails, if the person you have contacted appears online. Businesses can also use it to get faster response from their customers and clients regardless of their location in this world. Along with external communication instant messaging can also be used for internal communications in a business establishment.

Building A Team:

In order to build a team in a workplace, when the members of the team are located at different locations, instant messaging can also be used as a tool to let them work collectively. In such situation telephonic communication may not be really effective as words can be overheard or misunderstood. Instant text messaging can be a fool proof way to communicate your message to the receiver in real-time without any disturbance.


Real time collaboration experience provided by instant messaging is much more convenient than using a phone for conveying your message instantly. You as well as your recipient can do several other works while communicating through their respective laptops. But both of you will have to leave all other works to talk to each other on a phone call.

Reduction of Spam Messages:

Your inbox can be cluttered with a number of spam messages. It will not be possible when you are using instant messaging software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or any other else for your business deals.


Record keeping function is also offered by some of the instant messaging software tools which can be saved as archives to be used as reference whenever required.