Top 3 Alternatives to Zoom Teleconference

Over the past ten years or so, teleconferencing has been gaining immense popularity not only in the business world, but also in other sections of the economy like education, medical, and so on. This new form of remote communication is highly applauded because of the sheer convenience if offers to its users. The indispensable technology has many benefits and one of it is making the remote meeting possible, especially in the case where offices are sparsely distributed. The fact that you can communicate face-to-face with a client without necessarily traveling to their office is an immense plus to the business community.

Because of its popularity, the teleconferencing world has become one of the most competitive and lucrative industries in the globe. This explains why there are countless apps in the market claiming to be supporting this remote communication service. With many choices, users are looking for something that will actually work for them, and one such great solution is Zoom Teleconference Software.

Part 1. Zoom Teleconference Review

There is no doubt that Zoom teleconference software is one of the most popular teleconferencing apps. It is boasts of a number of great features that attracts its users, but just like other apps of its class, it has some few disadvantages. First, let’s look at its awesome features:

1. High definition video

Zoom teleconference software is a cloud-based software that is designed to offer high definition video conferencing solution. The images and even the voice messages are crystal clear and superb offering an awesome remote communication experience.

2. Mobile and desktop apps are available with top-notch security

As we all know, it is not easy to create an excellent teleconferencing system, but Zoom teleconference software is almost there offering streamlined mobile and desktop apps that just focus on voice and video collaboration. Besides that, one of the reasons why this app is applauded is because its security system never flaws, where users enjoy the service knowing that their information is highly secured.

Zoom teleconference review will not be complete without looking at some of its drawbacks, a section that helps those looking for alternatives make informed decisions. That said and done, Zoom teleconferencing app suffers from the following challenges:

1.A limited number of participants

One of the main challenges with this software is the number of participants in a given meeting. The fact that it allows 50 people to meet at a go is may not be sufficient to users wanting more than that, especially large companies who often hold webinars with over 100 employees.

2.Zoom teleconference cost

Product cost is something that most people are concerned about when looking for teleconferencing software. Of course, they need affordable product offering top-notch features! However, Zoom teleconference is relatively expensive compared to other apps of its class.

3.Difficult to operate

Not all companies employ tech-savvy employees, and therefore getting a simple-to-use teleconferencing software is inevitable for seamless communication during meetings. This is something Zoom teleconference software lacks because most of its operational features are hidden, making average users shy away from using it.

Part 2. Alternatives to Zoom teleconference software

If you discover that you cannot navigate through the challenge of the Zoom app, then you need to find out some alternatives. Fortunately, there are many high-quality options, and here below are top three alternatives for your perusal:

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is arguably one of the best teleconferencing software currently on the market and it is also the most powerful alternative to Zoom app. The product allows users to build their video conferencing rooms for video collaboration, online meetings, education forums, online webinars, video conferencing interviews, training, enterprise video conferencing, sales meeting with a client, and so on and so forth. The app gives users the opportunity to hold meetings with up to 100 participants on the free version and up to 500 on the pro plan. Other features of this software include the following:

• Support screen sharing;
• High definition voice and images;
• It has a recording and playback feature;
• Can be built/installed on a private server;
• Dial-in by telephone;

Advantages of ezTalks Meetings

• Mobile and desktop apps are available
Just Zoom, the app is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Precisely, it is mobile friendly and it is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.
• Fairly priced
We saw previously that Zoom was quite discouraging because it was relatively expensive. However, ezTalks Meetings is one of the most affordable teleconferencing apps. In fact, the free version of the app can as well support a meeting with up to 100 participants.
• Registration and operation is easier
If you are looking for an app that you can register within seconds, the ezTalks Meetings is the right choice. That is not all tough, all the operation tools are clearly visible and self-explanatory. So using the app is just a touch of a button!

Go ToMeeting

If you are scheduling a meeting, mostly with employees who are not directly in office or department and those who’re working
remotely, Go ToMeeting is the ideal software to consider. It is an extremely easy piece of an app for even novice users to set up and begin working.
Key features:
• It supports up to 100 participants meeting at a go
• Offers HD voice and HD images
• Users are invited using links
• Dial-in support feature is present
• Supports online meeting recording
Advantages of Go ToMeeting
• Easy-to-follow installation prompts allows even novice users to install and get working with the app, upon getting an invitation link
• Meetings can be done anywhere, anytime; now that the supports mobile and desktop devices running on Mac, Windows, OS, Android, and iOS
Cons of Go ToMeeting
• The app’s video chat features are not as stout as others are
• The chat feature is not always intuitive for users
• It has bandwidth related issues as its space is limited
• It is relatively expensive as compared to other apps of its class


LogMeIn is one of the best alternatives to the Zoom teleconferencing software. This product can loosely be referred to as an advanced virtual/remote desktop sharing software/application. The app is available in two versions, the LogMeIn Central/Pro, which is suitable for individuals, small business, and IT professionals, and the LogMeIn Rescue, which best serves as a helpdesk software used by technicians to access remote client’s servers.

Features of LogMeIn
• Safe and secure
• It captures screenshots, support file transfer, and records sessions
• Fast and reliable
• The app has some of the most advanced IT related features

LogMeIn advantages
• The app provides a secured connection that seamlessly accesses the client’s server and data
• Provide alternative ways to access the app, either through URL link or downloadable app
• The software offers a simple and clear user interface, which is often easier to navigate

Disadvantages of LogMeIn
• It lacks performance and has many connection issues when using Macs
• It is one of the most expensive teleconferencing software

Using teleconferencing solutions for any kind of remote meetings always result in low overhead costs, quick decision-making, seamless collaboration, and convenience. Those Zoom alternatives explained above are indeed excellent depending on what features users are looking for. In other words, if you feel like you cannot put up anymore with the shortcomings of the Zoom teleconference software, then you have myriad of options to explore that will ultimately suit your needs.