Top 6 Staff Training Programs

Do you want a staff training program to train your employees? Are you looking for some effective tools that can help you to train the remote employees? All the businesses need some staff training programs to help the employees to perform the job easily. These staff training programs are designed to educate the employees about the goal of the company and to help them to be familiar with the technologies that they need to use while working. 

Now you can make the staff training easy and more effective with the use of the online tools. You can plan a training program and can allow all your employees from the different locations to be a part of that program through the online tools. The location will not be a barrier. It will be cost effective and less time-consuming as well. The employees will not have to travel to the travel venue. The process will be hassle free and more effective. You can arrange the training at any convenient time. If you choose one of the best online programmes, more than 500 participants can join the program from the different locations. If you want to know more about the online staff training programmes, you can go through the following six. 

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is one of the most powerful and popular staff training programs that come with many improved features. It comes with an easy to use interface. You can start the training program with one click only. You can send email notifications about the schedule and other participants can join the training with a simple registration. It has both the free and paid versions.

The free version enables you to start the training with up to 100 participants. With the paid version, the number will be 500. Moreover, the paid version will be affordable and can easily fit into your budget. With this training program for staff, you can host a training program from any of your device including Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, PCs, and iOS devices. Some of the key features of this program are the interactive whiteboard, video conference, audio conference, private and group chat, record, and playback. 

2. Zoom

Zoom is another useful staff training program. It is used by the people all over the world for some easy to use features. It enables the users to start a training program instantly. It is a bit expensive. You will have to pay minimum $14.99 for a package and that will enable the user to start the training with fifty participants only. If you want more participants, then you will have to spend more. Some of the key features of the Zoom are the file and desktop sharing, video conference, and audio conference. It is compatible with Mac, Android, PC, and iOS.

3. GoToMeeting 

GoToMeeting comes with a user-friendly interface and easy to use set up. In addition, you will have both the free and paid versions. The free trial will be for 14 days. It is affordable and can fit into the budget of the small businesses. It is compatible with Android, PC, Mac, and iOS. You can start a program from any of your devices. It also allows the screen sharing that makes the presentation easy and more effective. Some of the key features of this training program for staff are screen sharing, file sharing, and the custom links. 

4. GoToTraining

It is a video staff training program. It offers both the paid and the free versions. You will get 14 days free trial. It is considered one of the best training programs due to some of its advanced features. It is highly customizable. You can customize it depending on the demand of the training. It enables you to share the training material. It is affordable as well. Some of the key features of the GoToTraining are the video presentation, sharing, whiteboard, and the group discussions. 

5. comes with a simple navigation and easy setup. It offers both the paid and the free versions as well. You will get 14 days free trial like the above two. But it is limited in nature. It will allow you to start the training with ten participants only. If you want more participants, you will have to choose the plan accordingly. It offers different plans. This training programme for staff is compatible with the Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. Some of the key features of are the annotation, recording, file transfer, window sharing, and online whiteboard. 

6. Cornerstone 

Cornerstone is a popular staff training program that comes with many improved features for the easy and effective training. It has the straightforward and professional interface. It can offer different programs and can work efficiently. You can incorporate different programs depending on your requirement. Some of the key features of the Cornerstone are versatility, professional training, easy to use interface, and mobile-friendly. 

These are the features of the six popular staff training programs. You can go through them to know which one can offer you the best service and can suit your needs most. You can consider both the paid and free options depending on your budget and requirement.