Latest eLearning Trends and Predictions for 2019

Now learning is not restricted to the traditional methods and classrooms. With the advent of the new technologies, learning has become easier and more convenient. You can join any course and get the degree without visiting any institution. The eLearning has facilitated this process. The internet has made significant changes in the learning process. In the current condition, you do not need to visit a remote location and to spend a huge to join your favorite courses. You just need a passion and an internet connection to achieve the end result.

You will find many online courses. Moreover, the developed online collaboration tools like ezTalks Meetings make the learning easy, effective, affordable, and hassle-free. You will see many new trends in eLearning in this year. Even if the current trends in eLearning offer many facilities to join the desired course, but the latest trends in eLearning will be more encouraging.

Do you want to know more about the eLearning trends 2019? If yes, then you can go through the followings. In this article, you will come to know the eLearning trends and predictions for 2019. You can go through the eLearning trend to take the right decision about your future.


More options with bigger data

Now millions of students are becoming the part of the eLearning due to the easy accessibility and affordability. These online courses are not restricted to any particular course and location. You can join a course from any distant place and can access all the data depending on the requirement. You can expect more specific and relevant data. It will help you to have a better understanding of the courses. You can personalize the data and can use them to prosper in the career. There will not be any shortage of data in almost all the industries. You will also have more options in the courses.

Better communication

The communication will be better than ever. With the eLearning, both the instructor and the students can communicate through many ways. You can share and discuss the data related to the courses through different mediums. You can use the online collaboration tools for the group discussions, presentations, and the learning. There will not be any shortage of the technologies to help you in different manners. You can also download the app and can use the data in your convenient time. Some courses offer live chat and it will help the student to get an instant solution. You will not have to wait for a particular time to communicate you’re your instructor. Instead, you can reach them anytime with the help of the smartphone.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is one of the new trends in eLearning. You do not need to carry your laptop for the eLearning. You can use your smartphone for the learning. Now a number of the courses are available with different device compatibility. You can access them both on your smartphone and the laptop. These are designed in such a way that you can access all the features more conveniently. Moreover, the courses can be optimized depending on the device. Mobile learning will inspire many students to pursue the online courses.

Web conferencing

The role of the video cannot be ignored in the eLearning. Both the instructors and students can come together to start a video conference and can discuss all their courses. It will be much easier. Moreover, it will not demand the physical presence. You just need to schedule a time for the video conference. All the students and the tutor can join the conference to discuss the studies.


At present, videos play an important role in the eLearning. The trend will continue and you might find some more improvements in the years to come. As predicted by the experts, the video will dominate 80% of the internet search traffic across the globe by 2019. The video content will also be translated for the eLearning. You will find some new courses that will be presented as videos.


Microlearning is a method used by the online instructors to help the students to understand the data more effectively by presenting all the contents in the smaller bits. It will be easier to learn. The amount of the data will be given according to the average human attention span. You will find many micro-learning courses in the future

Learning Apps

The inclusion of the apps in eLearning has made the education more fun, effective, and flexible. In this year and in future, you will find many new apps presenting different courses to facilitate both the formal and informal learning. With the app, it will be easier for the learners to get the instructions, notifications, and reminders to encourage the interaction and to share the progress.

All the above eLearning trends will certainly help the aspirants to pursue their desired course and to get a certification without worrying much about the expenses, location constraint, and the busy schedule. eLearning has helped people to dream for more and to achieve a big.